Friday, May 7, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Those funny Kobe pictures, "Twilight," Jon Stewart and suggestive Utah newspaper people

Who's makin' love to your old lady, while you were out makin' love? That's what the Blues Brothers ask in the above video (channeling the great Johnnie Taylor in the process), taking you into the weekend after finishing week six of this blog's existence. It's been fun, hasn't it? This week, we professed our love for Butch Walker, learned some valuable lessons and broke down the calendar year like no other. Next week? Oh, well you will just have to wait and see the fun we have planned for you, the talented, fantastically pretty reader, you. As for now, before you get your tickets to see what has already become a blockbuster, "Iron Man 2," be sure to click on a link or two, leave a comment or six, and meet us right back here Monday morning with more fun than a box of slinkies. Before we go, a reminder: Don't forget the question the above video asks while you are out this weekend, fellas. Stay loyal, stay proud. As always, love you, miss you.

Hell of a week for Kobe and these pictures. Saw them Sunday and didn’t think to link them. Now that the Interwebs have used all week funnin’ around with them, it’s worth a mention. (The Big Lead)

Can’t recall a time I was more excited for an episode of “Saturday Night Live” in the past year. Naturally, I won’t be in a position to watch it. (MTV)

First Newsweek and now Discover. (Folio)

The worst NFL Draft party ever. (Deadspin)

College newspaper’s farewell issue goes over the line with annual vulgar hidden message in the pages’ copy. Why does this matter as much? It’s in Utah. Always thought people in Utah were nice people. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Five words: Jon Stewart succeeding Katie Couric. (Market Watch)

Only because “The Invention Of Lying” is one of the greatest movies of the last five years. And because for anyone who has ever, wait, take some time to let that set, EVER, been involved with concerts or bands in any way, this rings too true for comfort. (Pollstar)

Good point: Google image searches are a pain. (Popmatters)

The stars from “Twilight” admit they are dating each other. We knew it must be true when they were spotted watching Kings Of Leon together. Three years ago. (E!Online)


  1. Thank for crediting Johnny Taylor but where is the shout out for STAX?!?!?!?

  2. I thought it was already known! Everyone knows Johnnie Taylor was on Stax records, right?!