Monday, May 3, 2010

What's in a month, anyways?

Came across this Tweet Saturday morning. Thought it was poignant for being so tiny. The weather was considerably warmer than it had been all week. It was the first time in months I woke up not having to worry about how many layers of blankets I had kicked off my body. And the feeling of something new was in the air.

But that’s what the changing of a season or month can do for you. It’s just so damn vibrant. Reading the message triggered an immediate feeling of objection, followed by an immediate feeling of consideration. Is May the best month? Kind of thought if would be April (yes, that has nothing to do with my birthday, either). Maybe June? It’s so summer-y and continues to hold tight the remains of the yearly hope brought on by springtime. How about the beauty of December, though? Goodness, gracious it can get cold, depending on where you are, but if you happen across the right night – in the right mood – you could find a bag of cherished memories sitting like a hotel buffet before your eyes.

It’s provocative, isn’t it? What really is the best month of the year? Is it dependent and varied considering one’s memories? Has to be, right? I mean, come on: You aren’t going to feel good about November if you got dumped on Thanksgiving day. Or maybe those Fourth of July fireworks simply aren’t as beautiful if they are attached with finding out a loved one passed. Or are they? Silly me. Maybe there are people out there who function on something that proves to be the complete opposite of my usual train of thought, drenched in cynicism and speculation. Maybe there are individuals who can turn could-be bad memories into inspirational moments. Wait. Are there?

See what I mean, though? Most everyone relates wonderful moments with so much more than wonderful surroundings. It has just as much to do with one’s perception than it does with one’s environment. That said, the answer to the aforementioned question remains: Is May indeed the best month?

Who knows? In light of such an obtuse notion, though, I decided to make an official list of months in order of best to worst. We can call it the Unusual Suspects’ Unofficial Official Best-To-Worst Months List. But only because it rolls off the tongue so well. Consider…

1. June – Have no idea why, except that it’s easy to associate June with fun. School is let out. No worries about the weather. Positive expectations fill your brain as you know the next two months present a plethora of opportunity, no matter how old or young you may be. The summer concert season is in full effect. And the summer blockbuster films have finally caught their stride (even if it does happen to be something as awful as the film below).

2. April – It’s a close second, but no matter where you live, April promises cold weather is gone forever by the end of the month. Plus, it's quintessential springtime, the most romantic season of the year.

3. May
– Take everything previously said about April, and add Memorial Day to it. Me? Too many bad Memorial Days to lift the month higher than the top two. Most equate such a thing with fun and happiness. Me? Nope. Still, no denying the desire May gives an individual to want to take a walk. And walks are the best. Honestly.

4. December – Think of how incredibly beautiful the month can be. If you live in certain areas, it may take until December to finally get a first picture perfect snowfall. But once you get it, all you want to do is grab someone’s hand and make a snow angel. Or. Well, I do, at least. And presents. Giving is better than most anything else in the world (except receiving, but we don’t need to go there, dirty-minded reader). Plus, every once in a while, you stumble across an honest-to-goodness fun New Year’s Eve, complete with kiss.

5. July – The Fourth is one of those odd “I feel like this should be special, so I’m going to try to make it special” situations that pique the interest of most anybody. The height of random neat occurrence possibility (RNOP) happens during this month, as well. Get a tan and find a date, damnit.

6. February – Valentine’s Day can be the most fun you have all year, if you only let it. Stupid silly romantic.

7. September – Such a bummer September can be, right? Go back to school. The summer, its memories and those chance make-out sessions are gone. You turn your attention to cold, and I don’t care what anyone says, for as pretty as fall can be at times, it’s awfully depressing, as well. This is your last reminder that it’s coming.

8. March – Holds the best week of sports all year: The NCAA basketball tournament’s first round. Unfortunately, that’s about it.

9. November – What good are you? You make us fat with your Thanksgiving feasts and awkward family reunions. You give us middle-of-the-season irrelevant football. You force us to finally turn the heat on, increasing whatever bill you may have. Bad November, bad.

10. August – Too. Hot.

11. January – It’s like the depths of hell. 31 days. You need to come down from your post-Christmas high. Depending on where you live, it may be impossible to leave your home for 30 of those 31 days. No glimmer of hope. Shut the doors and go to bed. The novelty and beauty of winter has warn itself dry. Go away, January, if you know what’s good for you.

12. October – Never had a good October in my life. I know I’m in the minority here, but goodness, this month makes me want to cry every day. The rain and the leaves. The warm nights turn to chilly evenings. Loneliness sets in like a dark cloud before a rainstorm. Ugh. October actually makes you look forward to snow because at least then, you know you’ll have an excuse to complain about the weather. Pretty or not, October can’t go away soon enough. Having 31 days doesn’t help, either. The only redeeming quality? October always promises another installment of these movies…


  1. I think May is absolutely the best month...but noone listens because my birthday is in May, so of course I would say that...but I would feel that way regardless of my birthday...because of what you mentioned...the weather is much more stable, you can count on more sun, but in July you take that sun for granted because the cold has been gone for months.....and the only reason I like May better than June is because I'm one of those people that likes the anticipation better than the actual thing you're waiting for...i.e. Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day...

  2. All true, but June is the first real month of the amphitheater shows. And that's when you really know summer music is in full swing. Hardly get any of those in May.