Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Paula is coming back to "Idol," Joe Jonas is mean to Demi Lovato and the return of Must-See TV

Woke up. Took a jog. Cleaned. Did work. Spoke on the phone for lengthy periods of time, and check my e-mail only to find a criticizing note left from the other half of this blog regarding the notion that no one cares about fashion, and why I wrote such a thing was beyond him (but not exactly in those words, of course). Absolutely offended, I will now post this picture of Carey Mulligan at Cannes to spite him, and mention that you could have seen this picture had you followed one of the links on the aforementioned post (wink, wink). She's so cute, isn't she? An absolute doll. And why must people say bad things about how she looked! She looks great! I'll tell you what! That's a lot of exclamation points. Anyways, so it's Tuesday, which means "Dancing With The Stars" will be on the television this evening. Who you got? People seem to think Erin Andrews can come up from behind and steal the victory. How about the ice skater? Seems unfair that he's allowed to compete. Part of his profession is "ice dancer." Then the Pussycat Doll?! Honestly. She gets paid hundreds of billions of millions of dollars to do such things on a consistent basis. Not that I'm in the group of people who think Ms. Andrews is God's gift to pretty, but it would admittedly be nice to see her win. Before you sit down to take that in, though, be sure to click a few links below, leave some comments and gaze at the adorable-ness of Ms. Mulligan. Be nice, now.

The album cover for Eminem’s “Recovery” was put on display today. Feel like I’m way more excited for this than I should be. (Eminem)

When will people far smarter than I ever begin to understand that making people pay to read things will never, ever work. The New Yorker eyes one price for all readership across any technological platform. (Adage)

The Wall Street Journal
makes an error and refuses to correct it. 11 days later. Writer/blogger/editor is awfully upset. (Wordyard)

Is NBC Thursday nights making a return to Must-See TV? Interesting read. (Popmatters)

Paula Abdul will indeed be at the “American Idol” finale. Simon giggles. (TMZ)

Late on this, but this rumor is really one of the juiciest the sports world has seen in years: A timeline of how the Delonte West and LeBron James’ mother rumor began. (Deadspin)

Nooooo!!!! Joe Jonas broke up with Demi Lovato. This summer tour promises to be awkwarrrrd. (US Magazine)

You can watch Jimmy Fallon watch “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” live all week this week. For an additional five bucks, the host will call your new movie “awesome” and tell you that you look “stunning.” (LNWJF)


  1. Next year, they're going to change "Dancing with the Stars" to "Dancing with the Dancers." (I stole that joke from The Soup)

    And the new Eminem cover picture on the right reminds me of MUSE...

  2. I kind of like the cover, actually. It's sort of different for him. Muse or no Muse