Thursday, May 6, 2010

...For The Ride Home: What can dreams do for you, great 'Fresh Prince' news and this LeBron's elbow thing is pretty funny

Some people consider a great start to a day rolling over to hug and kiss your loved one. Others may feel it great to start a day walking home from that very good but not great one-night stand, ready to get a shower, some breakfast and a desire to hit the night life once again that night. Some other people may enjoy coffee (though I prefer and demand a cup of tea each morning). And then there are some who stare at an immensely powerful white light to make sure they are completely awake for their forthcoming day. Us? That would be finding out that something called "Old Christine Quotes" is following us on Twitter now. Fabulous. A lot has been surrounding the show this week (will it move to ABC, and when will CBS pull the plug?), but for all the negativity seemingly making its swirl in and out of the program's orbit, it's hard not to love the show once you give it a chance. The hard part? Giving it a chance, of course. Be honest. "The New Adventures Of Old Christine" goes more unnoticed than census forms. It's criminal, too. Because for those who enjoy a nice throwback to '90s sitcoms featuring somewhat obvious humor and a laugh track, but aren't giving the show a shot, boy, you are missing out. In any case, follow the links and begin your preparation for the weekend. Well, that or read about how unlikable Elisabeth Hasselbeck has become. It's your choice. Be good, friends.

Dreams are fascinating. And they freak us out. For instance, had a dream last night about buying "Casablanca." Made me very happy in the dream. Woke up realizing it wasn't anywhere near and became sad. (CNN)

Been waiting for this day for years. “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” season five is coming out on DVD. And it’s this Tuesday! (Amazon)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Like we said up top, “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” is one of the most fun shows to watch on television. When that and "Ugly Betty" goes, tears will be shed. (Monsters And Critics)

LeBron’s elbow is worse than what people thought. Maybe. Has anyone seen this? That’s just so funny. Cheap, but funny. (Ballin Europe)

Saw this piece this morning and just had to link it: CBS was losing so much money on the NCAA basketball tournament, the company considered paying ESPN to take it off its hands. (New York Times)

Be a man. Wear jewelry. Love bracelets, but don’t know if we can get on board with this. (GQ)

Your weekly “Idol” recap, this time from Slezak as he likens the ending of this season sputtering like a wind-up toy. Who has money on Big Mike? (Entertainment Weekly)

The star of “Weeds” is leaving. Always heard it was worth checking out, but never got around to it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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