Thursday, May 27, 2010

...For The Ride Home: My goodness 50 Cent, Willie Nelson cuts his hair and be sure to add Elmo on Twitter

"Everybody's Fine" was...I don't know. It's hard to imagine anyone my age liking it for the first 60 to 70 minutes. It's a bit hollow. It's missing depth. But once that last half-hour picks up, and the movie winds down, it's pretty good. The movie itself is the true definition of "OK, there is really going to have to be a good ending to consider this movie not bad on any level." I cried twice. But I can cry at puppy dogs, so that shouldn't be a good indicator. Rent it? Probably not. If you happen to be flipping through the channels late one night, there is nothing else on, and you see the movie is already half-way done, you might as well give it a shot. Anything else, you may consider a waste of time. How could I possible follow that up? I watched the first three chapters of the R. Kelly "Trapped In The Closet" series, which is why chapter one is above. It's just so neat! And I'll stand by that now and forever. It's guilty pleasure No. 419. And finally, today is our two month anniversary!! Notice two exclamation points. Naturally, we'd like to thank you, the incredibly attractive reader, for coming back as much as you have, and helping us grow. To show our appreciation, check back tomorrow for a brand new fun feature. In the meantime, groove to some Kells up top, struggle with the sport of golf, much like we do, and check out a few links below. It's Thursday, friends. The weekend is near.

Thought about posting these pictures to accompany this post, but realized it may scare you away. This is how 50 Cent looks today. Honestly. And it’s alarming. (The Superficial)

Newsweek has a new Web site. Does this mean the magazine won’t go under? (Newsweek)

Speaking of changes, get ready for some when it comes to The Hollywood Reporter. Janice Min has ideas. (Los Angeles Times)

Ohhh, Lisa, Lisa. Our heart aches that “American Idol” is over and this will be the last recap. Crystal gets to sing with Alanis Morissette; they duet her tune "You Oughta Know" which produces the best lyric change in the history of "American Idol." The lyric: “Would she go down on you in a theater?” becomes “Would she go down with you to the theater?” They hug each other after pulling that off. (Washington Post)

Willie Nelson cut his hair. Is it weird that I actually wondered to myself when he would ever do that the other day? (CBS News)

The United States national team met and spoke with Joe Biden today. Jason Sudeikis’ impressions of him on SNL make me laugh. (TMZ)

Remember when we told you Limp Bizkit were reuniting and touring? Yeah, they apparently have to move the venues. Next step? Cancel the tour. (Limp Bizkit)

Elmo tweets. (Twitter)

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