Monday, May 10, 2010

...For The Ride Home: A legend dies, a perfect game is thrown and a Hot 100 list that has Katy Perry at the top

Took some time and settled in to this Academy Award winning movie (the great Herbie Hancock won for original score in 1987, I believe, and the lead role, played by Dexter Gordon, was up for best actor, and damnit, he should have won) last night. Taken from the lives of two jazz greats, Lester Young and Bud Powell, if you claim to have any interest in good jazz music, this is a complete must-see. Hell, even if you would like to see a pretty good movie, it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. It may run a bit long, but it's definitely worth it. In any case, moving forward, we begin week seven on a sad note. As you will see, Lena Horne passed away last night, and keeping with the jazz theme, we highly suggest you take a look at the woman's obituary, linked below. The Pens, Magic, Lakers and Bruins go for sweep tonight in playoff sports. Though I clearly had some time to catch up on the best reality television out there this weekend, I did squeeze in Real Madrid's late attempt at trying to overcome Barcelona's lead in the Primera Division. They cut it to a point, but we can all agree it's highly unlikely the club moves into first by season's end. Lionel Messi is far too good. Wow, we touched on a lot here, didn't we? Anyways, onward and upward...

One of the 20 most important women in music/film/Hollywood/life of the last 100 years died last night. If you follow one link today, make sure it’s this. Educate yourselves, friends. (

Dallas Braden threw the 19th perfect game in Major League Baseball history yesterday. Like any good man would, he turned to his grandmother for a hug afterward. Great read. (San Francisco Chronicle)

It’s Maxim Hot 100 time. Completely, utterly, maddening-ly disagree with Katy Perry as No. 1. (Maxim)

Really, really neat idea: 48 Hours magazine created over the weekend. It’s like bringing the Internet to print. (Wall Street Journal)

That was the funniest “Saturday Night Live” in years. The only thing missing was a "What Up With That." And, as the headline so elegantly proclaims: Jay-Z crushed it. (Pitchfork)

Interesting: After pulling out of The Players’ Championship yesterday, a vote for Tiger to shut it down for the rest of the year. (The Big Lead)

Piracy caused “Iron Man 2” to not do as well as some may have thought during its opening weekend. Guess $133 million isn’t enough. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Yeah, what’s this all about? (Twitter)

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