Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Justin Bieber is offensive, "Daria" on DVD and Lil Wayne continues to break rules

In honor of Keenan Thompson appearing on television last night, and The Roots playing the theme to "What Up With That" during his entrance, we offer video of one of the three funniest things going on throughout all of television today. Honestly, though: A few episodes of "30 Rock," "House" and "What Up With That" should be all the mind really needs to be at rest. Oh, and it's easily the best skit SNL has offered up in at least five years. Maybe 10. Was also exposed to Evangeline Lilly last night for the first time, as well. Seemed super cool. Never going to give "Lost" a chance, though. Never. And finally, don't forget to tune into to tonight's season finally of "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Season five is over already. What a sad state of mind that brings along. Will she jump to ABC? Should be interesting. In any case, it's Wednesday, so get your hump on, friends. Before you do that, click on a link or two and be bodacious. Be flirtatious. You gotta beee vivacious. Ohhhh, weeee...

The latest weapon of attack in China? A meat cleaver. Sounds funny, but it’s really a sad story. (CNN)

Lil Wayne breaks rules in jail by hiding devices that provide him music. He even has accomplices. (XXL)

Larry King and his wife will not get a divorce. Good for him. No, really. Good for him. (Popeater)

The case of that Playboy Bunny who is going to put out a sex tape becomes thicker: The dude in the tape’s name is Justin. Here’s hoping his last name isn’t Case, Bieber or Credible. (Radar)

“Daria” is coming to DVD. Fans of the show shrug in excitement. (Rolling Stone)

It’s official: The New York Jets and The New York Giants submit bid to host the Super Bowl in 2014. (Fox Sports)

“I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made.” (Vanity Fair)

The new Eminem single, “Not Afraid,” will be only the 16th song in history to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart. Tellin’ you: After Relapse, this next record’s going to be his official return to greatness. You heard it here first. (Billboard)

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