Thursday, May 20, 2010

Signs of Summer: Bud Light w/Lime

Despite the agonizing fact that the official start date of summer isn’t until June 23, we’ve already had a few waves of summer-like weather in my neck of the woods. Its days like these that energize and invigorate the lion’s share of us who live in areas with over 225 days a year of “gray” weather, and these nice days deserve their due.

With that said, every Tuesday and Thursday until the official start of summer we’ll bring you an ode to the signs of summer, one marvelous item at a time. And PS - we would love it if you would pepper in your thoughts as well.

Today we pay homage to Bud Light w/Lime.

It would be an absolute anomaly to even consider drinking eggnog on the Fourth of July - and the same could be said about drinking Bud Light w/Lime at Thanksgiving. But the second the thermometer hits 68 degrees I start craving this elixir from the gods.

In what can only be described as an utterly refreshingly-tastic experience, Bud Light w/Lime can be consumed as easily as Kool-Aid while still giving you the light summer buzz that perfectly accompanies burgers and dogs on the grill. If my grill had a “preferred wine selection” to accompany each entrée, every single preferred wine would be Bud Light w/Lime.

I’ve been ostracized in the past for my love/obsession with this sweet nectar, the lightest of light beers. Friends have asked if I have anything other than “Aquafina” to drink and I’ve been called more than a few girls names - but I don’t care. It's light, it's delicious, it's versatile, it's AWESOME.

Here are a few OTHER things that Bud Light w/Lime is:

- It’s sitting on my deck as the sun goes down, playing cards with friends and loved ones
- It’s warped tour tailgating at 9 a.m.
- It’s a sweaty, shower-less weekend at Jamboree in the Hills
- It’s taking in an evening baseball game
- It’s a pathetic round of golf on a Sunday afternoon
- It’s sitting on the beach in the Outer Banks, even though you’re not allowed to have bottles

Most of all though it’s summer, and dammit do I love summer.

Come back for your Ride Home links at 4 p.m. - then go get a 12-pack and kick it.


  1. hmmm not so crazy about bud light with lime, although it is not bad at all... i would say it would also be good for those "friendly" outdoor games of volleyball, and to take with you to the drive-in... or to sit around a fire.. hmm oh how i love summer...

  2. Good call on the fire! I can't say I've ever indulged in Bud Light w/Lime at the drive-in though... I'll have to add that to my list (as long as a DD is in place of course).

    You know what I forgot to mention, Miller Chill freaking sucks. It is awful in my book; not even a comparable summer beer.

  3. My Summer Brews List:

    Goose Island 312 or Indian Pale Ale
    Troegs Sushine Pilsner
    Victory Prima Pils
    Allagash White
    Sam Adams Summer Ale or Cherry Wheat
    Berliner Weisse
    Bell's Oberon

    That is just the short list...add a bit of citrus garnish to any beer though and I feel that makes it more like summer!!!!

  4. Dude you are fancy with the brew list! Sam Adams Summer Ale I do enjoy... but I have to admit I've never heard of the others. And that's one reason my friends rip on me, because I'm way too predictable with my Bud Light w/Lime, ha.

    In all seriousness (hope you're ready to get deep), I relate summer and awesome times to it, and that totally plays a role in my love for it... Kind of like how I will always love Fifth Avenue candy bars, even though everyone knows it's a mediocre choice.


  5. I still like you...even if you drink Bud Light lime by choice ;)

    Troegs and Victory are PA beers - try them out sometime!!!

    Cheers [amz]

  6. I'll definitely keep my eye out for those two. I need to expand my horizons... but I will always have BLw/L to fall back on.

    I feel like I should be able to make a gang sign with my hands out of that... BLw/L... never mind, upon further review it's impossible.