Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...For The Ride Home: CBS kills television, Magic in a must-win tonight, Austin City Limits music fest lineup announced and "Law & Order" isn't dead?

"Valentine's Day" is out today on DVD. Saw that in the theater on Valentine's Day weekend, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Even me, someone who had moderate expectations for the film, was overly happy with the outcome. Kind of odd to put out a holiday-centric movie on DVD when the holiday isn't anywhere near, though, don't you think? Anyways, it's Tuesday, and it's the middle of May. All of the springtime television shows are winding down, the singing and dancing contests will finally have a winner and from what I understand, something called "Lost" is awfully close to coming to an end. Took a look at the calendar today and realized a lot is coming up over the next few months. That's exciting, right? Hopefully. Either way, take a gander at the following links and celebrate some of the signs that summer is right around the corner. And if you don't do either of those things, well, we'll still love you anyways.

Late on this, but still wanted to get this in, only because of an undying love for her. Amy Adams had her baby this weekend. (RealityTvWorld)

“If you stuck Stan and Jeff in the same line, no one would pick them out as brothers.” Idiotic bold prediction: If the Magic lose tonight, Boston will win the NBA title. (The Boston Globe)

CBS gets rid of 1,000 shows, including (so, so, so sad) "The New Adventures Of Old Christine." But they left the season finale at a place that has to be resolved! Also included: "The Ghost Whisperer," "Cold Case" and "Numb3rs." (Entertainment Weekly)

The Eagles, Muse, Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, Norah Jones, Richard Thompson and 1,538 more acts have been announced for probably the most underrated of all the festivals, the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Road trip to Texas in October? (Pollstar)

Soooo, “Law & Order” isn’t dead? (Washington Post)

Prediction: The Huffington Post will have more readership than the New York Times within the next five years. And numbers to back it up. (Business Insider)

ESPN wins the rights for the ACC over Fox, who apparently made quite a push. They paid $155 million for it, too. “Money well spent, baby!” Dickie V. said when asked for comment. (Sports Business Journal)

Justin Bieber got a tattoo and Usher had to sign for it. OK. That last part isn’t true. (Best Week Ever)

In honor of Tina Fey turning 40 today, we link this story. Sad: She says Liz Lemon and Jack will never hook up. (Entertainment Weekly)

Questlove wants you to get out and vote. (Twitter)


  1. So, so so sad about this "Christine" thing. Maybe an entire going-away post tomorrow? Goodness, it hurts.

  2. ABC might pick "Christine" up though...

    P.S. -- It's not going to be a sweep, but the Magic are screwed.