Thursday, May 20, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Soccer is more profitable than you want it to be, Miles Davis and we're down to the final two on "American Idol"

Last night, I finally sat down and began watching the first season of "Dexter," an action that has long been preached to me by nearly everyone I know. Had little to no expectations's kind of good. I certainly don't want to rush to any type of conclusion, so we'll see after I get through episode two tonight. If it's still "kind of good," we may have a new show to obsess over on our hands. Still don't want to give in, though. Need to fight it. Speaking of television, tonight will showcase the season finales of all your favorite Thursday night comedic television programs. Can't wait for "30 Rock," and as pointed out by an awfully nice commenter, "Parks & Recreation" will be back, so we can breathe easy. All things considered, "Community" turned out to be a pretty nice show, too. NBC may be on to something. And now we kindly wait for them to mess it up. It's Thursday, so, as always, this is your reminder to go do things young pretty people do on Thursdays (i.e. begin the weekend early, drink heavily and do things you know you'll regret). Before you do that, though, check out a few links, read our second installment of spectacular summer things and get ready for Matt Damon to kill it on "30 Rock."

The better half of this blog e-mailed this to me this morning, and you have to see this: Five out of the top seven most valuable sports team brands are soccer clubs. And to think none of you as much as commented on my World Cup post last week. (Forbes)

Yes, yes. Hate John Mayer all you want. Everyone does. But this is awfully awfully funny. (John Mayer Blog)

A vote in favor of Twitter. And it’s from someone who reviews CDs. (Columbia Journalism Review)

A Miles Davis box set featuring box sets lumped together. Sign me up. (Pitchfork)

Facebookers formulate group to quit Facebook at the end of the month. Shucks. Now you won’t be able to check and see if your ex from six years ago is dating someone who is better looking than you! And you won’t be able to poke! And those college party photos? Gone! How shall your everyday life operate?! (Popmatters)

Floyd Landis cheated. Remember when one of his theories for failing the doping test was drinking too much the night before? (ESPN)

Suge Knight was arrested. Again. Eighty percent of the rap community will go to sleep without a gun under their beds tonight for the first time in months. (ABC News)

Slezak’s “American Idol” recap: The final two are set, and no one will be watching. (Entertainment Weekly)