Monday, May 17, 2010

...For The Ride Home: NBA Jam contest, Onyewu says he'll play for free and the death of Ronnie James Dio

Ahh, yes. I'm back, friends. Need to extend a big thank you to the other, better half of this particular blog for picking up The Ride Friday afternoon as we said goodbye to week seven (and I couldn't even remind you all that we love you and miss you, either. So sad). We hope you had a good weekend. Managed to stay awake for the underwhelming season finale of "Saturday Night Live" and caught the above performance from Tom Petty. Wow, it's good. Damn good, actually. He looks so much better without being strapped to an instrument, doesn't he? This track far outweighed the second performance of the night, and if this song is any indication of how the rest of this new record is going to be, sign me up. Can't wait to catch him this summer. In any case, we begin week eight with some pizza and links. Still doesn't feel quite like spring/summer yet, so let's hope that changes. As for now, read on and be good.

This is sort of neat: They are going to hold a contest for the new catch phrase in the upcoming NBA Jam game. Unfortunately, it’s run through Facebook. (MTV)

Sarah Palin once wore a leather jacket. And it caused an awful lot of outrage. (Chicago Sun Times)

NBC isn’t happy that its fall lineup was leaked. Glanced over it a few days ago, and was it me, or was there no “Parks & Recreation” anywhere in sight? Please don’t say that show is done. Please. (The Wrap)

Wow. U.S. standout Oguchi Onyewu asks for AC Milan to extend his contract for a year. His going rate? Free. No, seriously. He said he’ll play for free. (Yahoo)

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. (The Star-Ledger)

Christina Aguilera does not hate Lady Gaga. In fact, she thinks she's every single way. (US Weekly)

Bill Simmons is going to stay at ESPN. Bummer. (Deadspin)

Meredith Vieira (who is so easy to like, and who is still gettin’ it done) is not sleeping with Matt Lauer. And she wants you to know. (TMZ)


  1. Good news that I just read on Wikipedia: "On January 29, 2010, Parks and Recreation was renewed for a third season. It has been held back as a mid-season replacement."