Friday, May 14, 2010

...For The Ride Home: White Castle candles, Gisele is loaded and that YouTube kid who sang a Gaga tune

Today's Ride is short and sweet. Get your click on, enjoy the weekend and spread some love. See you on Monday.

After 20 seasons, Law & Order may cease to breathe. Dung-Dung. (TV Guide)

Nest Fragrances introduces White Castle Hamburger scented candles; potheads rejoice. In totally unrelated news, proceeds from the candle benefit Autism Speaks... if someone can find the connection, we're all ears. (Delish)

Twilight soundtrack song listing announced. Muse and Vampire Weekend to contribute. How... expected. (Alternative Press)

Since everyone else has a link to this 12-year-old's piano rendition of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," we didn't want to feel left out. The kid is pretty good though. (Yahoo)

Brazilian Beauty Gisele Bundchen earns much more money than her husband. (New York Post)

Newsweek columnist says homosexual actors can't pull off straight roles. The cast of Glee says boycott Newsweek. (Entertainment Weekly)

Sidney Crosby turns down the chance to play for Team Canada at World Hockey Championships... I wonder if Montreal Canadian fans using his jersey as a doormat and burning cardboard cutouts of him had anything to do with it? Hmmmm... (Sports Illustrated)

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