Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...For The Ride Home: NFL lockout likely, guess the drum solo and Conan takes his shots

Finally had time to sit down and watch "The Fabulous Baker Boys" last night. Michelle Pfeiffer is the second most stunning woman I've ever seen in a movie. Goodness, gracious. Research shows she was up for an Academy Award for this 1989 performance, but alas she came up on the losing end of the competition. Awards or no awards, those musical numbers are so damn seductive and sexy, it's incredible. Anyways, we are officially half way through week eight, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the talented and thoughtful reader, for sticking with us through these first two months. We'd also like to welcome new readers who (judging by the numbers) have found their way to our tiny little corner of the InterWebs. We love you all equally. As for now, click a link or two, contemplate the importance of cell phones or take some time to put "The Fabulous Baker Boys" in your Netflix que. And don't forget to eat right, friends. Always eat right.

A lockout in the NFL seems inevitable. Or so the head of the players’ association says. (Sports Illustrated)

Hey, hey. Reporters who work for The Huffington Post get paid. (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Where are all my drummers in the house? Super neat. (NPR)

Brett Michaels kept is bandanna on throughout his stay in the hospital. Of course. He said “If I go out, I want to go out rocking.” Doesn’t that mean he would have had to of rocked at some point to begin with? Ohhhhh. (CNN)

Conan killed NBC at the TBS upfronts. Good. (New York Daily News)

More on CBS cleaning house, this time from someone we frequently link to: Lisa Des Moraes. One new show is called “Bleep My Dad Says,” clearly taken from some type of internet phenomenon. Really? They get rid of “Christine” for that? (Washington Post)

Ryan Phillippe wants to be a hip-hop producer now? (All Hip-Hop)

Remember that 48 Hours magazine idea we linked a few weeks ago? Now CBS wants to sue them. (New York Times)

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  1. Big Bang Theory vs. Community at 8 p.m. Thursday's should be an interesting showdown...