Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Lindsay Lohan will play a porn star, Newsweek is up for sale and nothing is worse than Facebook

Scarlett Johansson was interviewed by Jay Leno last night. Wow. "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona" and "Lost In Translation" are probably two movies that stand firmly in my top 20 of all time. That said, she couldn't have been any more unlikable. Combine that with the stories about how unpleasant she was at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and the disappointment is grating. Is Ryan Reynolds getting to her? I know I'm in the minority here, but I sort of like him. "Definitely Maybe" was fantastic. Who knows? Still love those two movies from her, though. Forever and always. In other late night news, saw Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings on David Letterman last night. Recently downloaded a podcast featuring an entire concert they put on as well. Everything is right up my alley. Soulful. Funky. R&B-ish. Can't get into it. Don't know why, either. It seems like something I should instantly fall in love with, but I can't. Seems too put on, I suppose. Nothing seems genuine about the act. Ahh. What do I know, anyways? Now that I've showered you all with negativity, enjoy your evening, but only after you check out the things we offer below.

Dame Dash says he would welcome Jay-Z back. Interesting. (MTV)

For Free Energy fans. Bonus: They like Cut Copy! (Pitchfork)

If you are young, and watch too much television, your grades will suffer. Really? Because we thought keeping up with “Lost” made your math grades go up. (Yahoo)

is up for sale. Two billionaires already have calls in to buy it. Who wants to start a group for ownership? (New York Observer)

Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife is filing suit against Gabrielle Union for causing the former couple’s sons distress. Shaq giggles. (ESPN)

Lindsay Lohan is going to play a porn star in a movie. Unlike some of her films in the past, this movie, it should be noted, will not be distributed by Disney. (Vanity Fair)

According to Roger Waters, David Gilmour was “completely uninterested” in this touring “The Wall” thing. Also breaking news: Most plants will die if you don’t water them. (The Daily Herald)

Facebook is the worst. Next to SARS, I can’t think of anything I hate more. (Christian Science Monitor)


  1. How you can not tap your foot and love to sing along with Sharon Jones still has me baffled. Listen to a track like "100 days, 100 Nights" and I dare you to hate it and not love it.

    As for Newsweek - I'll put my money down!!!

    ...And I hate Facebook and yet I still use it and check it often - why? I don't even really know.

  2. OK. I'm in for 20. We need 1,000,000 more investors. Get on the phones!