Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Dwayne Wade's ex is nuts, things you should know about women, The Fray and more Betty White news

Can't seem to get a grasp on Kristen Wiig. Just can't. Saw her on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last night, and while Russell Crowe was chatting up Craig Ferguson, I couldn't pull myself away from Fallon while knowing she was on. Hated her shoes, by the way. She's funny, right? Maybe? Seems to be a tad bit overrated, but for whatever reason (maybe because everyone has seemed to have turned on her), I find myself turning positively toward her lately. Liked "Extract" more than I thought I would. Don't think she's particularly attractive, but she certainly doesn't look like Igor, either. She talked about a new movie she'll be in with Mya Rudolph, filming this summer. Sounded interesting. Ahh, this is just going to go in circles, isn't it? Anyways, our sincerest apologizes go out to those who tried to view this very page and came across some difficulties. Apparently, videos ripped from VH1 don't agree with us all that much. Hope it didn't scare you away for too long. Just think, it took only seven weeks to come across our first technical difficulty. Here's to seven more, eh? The weather is awful (though I love it), so you have every good reason to first read about how great the Food Network is, and then follow a few of the links below. Come on. It's not like you'll be able to work on your tan. Be good.

Game five is tonight. In the meantime, read this and let your mind wander as to whether or not LeBron stays in Cleveland after this season. (Hoops Addict)

Is the future of investigative reporting solely in the hands of non-profit organizations? These guys think so. (Columbia Journalism Review)

The lead singer from the Bouncing Souls is going to headline an acoustic tour. Always have a special place in the heart for “Hopeless Romantic,” “Ole” and “Gone.” (Alternative Press)

This Dwayne Wade stuff is really bizarre. His ex-wife was taken into custody after creating quite a stir recently. You have to wonder how Gabrielle Union responds to all of this mess. (TMZ)

The Fray goes to court because they were in breach of their contract. Forget that. Someone should sue them for ruining “How To Save A Life” by licensing it out to every stupid commercial/television show in the world. (Pollstar)

Dunkin’ Donuts is offering free iced coffee day. Actually, Nope. Or, well, kind of. (Christian Science Monitor)

Tyra Banks is going to start writing novels. If the two main characters’ names are Jackie and Will, I’m in. (ABC News)

The 334th thing men don’t know about women: As little girls, they believe that men are gods. As young women, they learn that they aren’t. As older women, they try to put men back up there. (Esquire)

First “Saturday Night Live.” Next, the Oscars. (New York Daily News)

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