Monday, May 24, 2010

Cannes 2010: The fashion that was

So, "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" won the top honor at the Cannes film festival Sunday, consequently wrapping up the 2010 edition of the French film festival (and, for the record, Javier Bardem shared the best actor award as well. This is only noted because of the brilliance of "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona," and how great he is in that particular film.) Because the festival came to an official end Sunday, it's now time to take a look at the most important aspect of the event: Fashion.

That's right. Cannes is traditionally a realm for celebrities and movie stars alike to start new trends, flaunt excessive outfits and display an unparalleled sense of elegance that is only really mirrored at fashion weeks in big cities. In terms of red-carpet and movies, Cannes reigns high above all other similar festivals in terms of relevance to the fashion world.

This year? The aforementioned "No Country For Old Men" star seemed to have an edge on every other male individual who took in the pomp-filled festival (and that even includes the cast of this new Wall Street movie that seems to be everywhere). As you can see from the above photo, he looks great with his shaggy facial hair and the always wonderful black over white look. Keeping it simple can go a long way, don't forget. (Plus, goodness, you have to root for him and Penelope, right?) Johnny Depp also came out on top, according to those who know far more than I ever will. Sure, he seemed to return to his "Pirates" look, but, as you can see here, it's way better than his clean-cut attempt in the awful "Public Enemies."

As for the females, you can't turn anywhere without hearing about how fabulous Kate Beckinsale looked. Harper's Bazaar gave her two photos. These guys also thought the actress reigned tall over everyone else throughout the entire week. That said, Carey Mulligan, an actress who we clearly love, got killed for her attire, an outfit you can see here. Totally dig what she's continuing to do with her hair, and though we are admittedly biased, what's wrong with how she looked?! Come on, now. She's a doll. Finishing out the noteworthy females (and from the "biggest pleasant surprise" category), is Michelle Williams. Don't know too much about her, but every time I see her pop up, she looks absolutely stunning. Her heels with this dress go spectacularly well with the dress, too. Something about her just screams beauty.

And finally, here's a recap of what fashion trends may have kicked off at Cannes this year. Summer dresses are hard to come by, but, as the Guardian pointed out, if you can find one worthwhile, it can make an entire season. Still can't get on board with short-sleve button-ups and the skin-tight jump suit, though. Sparkly or not, it's way too much of a risk if you haven't kept those muscles toned. Need more? The video below gives a nice recap of who wore what, what worked and, as always, what didn't....

Phew. Tried to keep that as short as possible, even though it seemed like a lot. Hopefully, you, the already wonderfully pretty reader, picked up a few things about what to try out this summer. And if you didn't, well, at least come back for The Ride to see what neat links you should look up.

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