Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liz Hasselbeck clearly enjoys the taste of her own foot

So last week we talked about Katie Holmes and how our opinion of certain celebrities’ personal lives impacts our ability to believe them in a role. To expand this topic into a new and different arena, I would like to introduce you to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

To quote my wife, after I asked her what she did on a rare weekday off work: “I watched ‘The View’ and then did a Google search for www . I-Hate-Elisabeth-Hasselbeck . com. When no such website was found, I thought about creating one.”

She was, of course, joking. My wife is much funnier than I.

Anyways, I’m not a fan of “The View” – come to think of it I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a single episode in its entirety. But what I do know is that this woman seems to be little more than a bratty, unintelligent blowhole who refuses to think before she speaks.

From what I gather, she’s on the show for two reasons: to serve as eye candy for the 50 or so male viewers (although I’m partial to Barbara myself) and to be the conservative “yin” to the other contributors’ liberal “yang.” Which leads me to a much bigger question: Is this really the best “strong female” representative for conservative America? I’m thinking no… I’m thinking hell no actually. If she’s the best option at this point, then conservatism is in a much bigger pickle than John Stewart even claims. Ugh…

For those keeping score at home, at this point Hasselbeck has offended: 1) Victims of criminal stalking; 2) Peace advocates; 3) Any woman who supports the right to choose; 4) Indians; 5) Other conservatives; 6) Lesbians… I’m just going to stop there, but understand, I could keep going.

And we thought Sarah Palin was bad – heyooooo!

Come on back for The Ride at 4 p.m. Hugs and Kisses.

- TS


  1. I dont think we can consider Hasselbeck eye candy when that woman is so sour. Sometimes I wonder if people like her realize their own ignorance and don't care and they actually enjoy having that image or they are really just that unaware. Hmmm...

  2. Well put - there certainly are people capable of that mindset I imagine... What's more upsetting to me though is that she plays it off like she's such a moral, endearing, victim of a character (woe is me, the only conservative amongst these evil liberals!), when she's probably the worst human being on that set!

    Rant. Done. :)