Thursday, May 13, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The Pens go down (and go down hard), Jay-Z & Eminem and Matt Lauer is cheating?

Jenna Fischer is in a movie that looks mildly interesting, and she's been making the rounds. The movie's called "Solitary Man," and for more on it, well, check the "Double Feature" post, silly. Seems like it would be the type of movie I would like. Don't know much about Michael Douglas, though. We shall see. Either way, it's Thursday, which means "The Office" will be on your television tonight. Moving forward, it's Thursday and it's the middle of May (but it certainly doesn't feel like it). We have some surprises in store for you lovely, lovely readers, which we will get to in a couple of weeks. Different features. More offerings. Only because we love you. Unrelated: Pink just came on the radio. Recently saw her "Behind The Music" again. Really like it. Like all the "Behind The Music's" actually. They could put Yanni on one and somehow it'd be interesting. OK, that's all. Be good, and don't do anything your mother wouldn't allow...

Alluded to this last night, but the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Pittsburgh Penguins from the NHL playoffs. The league will be lucky if they get eight people to watch their product from now until a champion is crowned. (Post-Gazette)

Instead of an “Idol” wrap-up, take a look at this awfully interesting piece on how the show’s producers will not name a replacement for Simon Cowell before the final show this season. Also, it takes a look at a mighty neat survey found on the “American Idol” Web site. (Washington Post)

The Little Orphan Annie comic strip will be discontinued June 13. (Chicago Tribune)

Jay-Z and Eminem are going to do two shows with each other. One in Detroit. One in New York. If a performance of “Renegade” doesn’t occur, refunds should be distributed. (Spin)

The Sarah Silverman Show will not return for another season. Feels odd. Seems like a lot of people liked that show. (Yahoo)

First Jim Nantz and now this: Matt Lauer is cheating?! Say it ain’t so, Matt. (The New York Daily News)

The Mayweather-Mosley fight earned $78 million dollars. Just imagine what Mayweather-Pacquiao would be able to pull in. (USA Today)

25 rules that will make you a better dressed man. (GQ)

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