Friday, May 28, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The 9:30 Club turns 30, Paramore singer caught in naked photo scandal and it's true about Alicia Keys

What a week. Not only did we continue our "Signs of Summer" series, but we unveiled a new feature that promises to entertain once a month. We again saw more people come around than we could have ever expected. And we celebrated two months. Goodness, gracious. Saying goodbye to week nine is almost heartbreaking. To send it off correctly, you will find a somewhat unofficial video for Alicia Keys' duet with Beyonce, "Put It In A Love Song," a track you should really try and work into your rotation this summer. Really. It's got all the elements of a nice little summer jam. It's a long weekend, friends, so we don't expect many of you to be around Monday (though, if that's not true, drop us a line in the comments section). We expect to see your fabulous digital faces back here, rippin' and ready to go Tuesday with new posts and more banter about any and everything under the sun. Make sure you stay safe this weekend, and be sure to celebrate accordingly with cookouts, beer, meat, burned skin and regrets (not in that order, of course). Before you embark on such things, though, take May's last ride with us, check out some nice links, explore the world that is "Running From Camera," get carried away and as Ms. Keys says in the bridge, "Work it baby, work it out." Until Tuesday, friends, love you, miss you.

One of the most popular places to see a show on the east coast is the 9:30 Club in D.C. This weekend, they celebrate 30 years of awesomeness. Side: Was last there to see Raphael Saadiq. Dude killed it. (Pollstar)

The Times-Picayune
of New Orleans uses its front page to relay a message to the president. Those people down there are pisssssed. (Media Matters)

Remember those 50 Cent photos from yesterday? He talked about it to a Cleveland newspaper before kicking off his tour there last night. Bonus: Mase is brought up. (Call And Post)

ESPN will not revisit the tape surrounding Kansas City Chief wide received Dwayne Bowe’s comments about a girl being in every room of the team’s hotel. Something smells fishy. (Pro Football Talk)

Hulk Hogan is mad at commercials. So much, in fact, that he is going to sue them. What happened to Brooke Hogan’s VH1 show? And what’s the other half of the Nasty Boys up to these days? (Bleacher Report)

Gary Coleman is on life support. (ABC News)

The lead singer of Paramore had a photo leaked of her topless. She’s such an oddity. Can’t figure out if I find her attractive or not. Thoughts? (Billboard)

Improper text messages and phone calls. The University of Connecticut’s basketball team is in a heap of trouble. Sad. Kind of like Calhoun. (Fox Sports)

We speculated on this weeks and weeks ago. Today, it’s confirmed: Alicia Keys is indeed pregnant and engaged. Remember where you heard it first. (Rolling Stone)

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