Friday, May 14, 2010

Double Feature: Robin Hood & Just Wright

Each Friday, we will offer up two movies that are scheduled to be released within the accompanying weekend. We know, we know. It’s hard to come across blogs who ever actually get movie talk right. That’s why we won’t say much. A trailer. A paragraph. And boom – all you need to know about what new movies you can take your beautiful object of affection to see this weekend. It's like going to the drive-in movie theater. Remember those? So much fun. Thank us later, not now.

Robin Hood

Saw Russell Crowe make the rounds during press for this movie and count me in the crowd that tends like movies he's in. "A Beautiful Mind" was genius. "State Of Play" was so much better than anticipated. The overrated "American Gangster" was not a waste of time. Hell. Even "Body Of Lies," a movie that most consider a flop (based a lot on his performance) wasn't all that bad. Blame Leo for that movie's low points. That said, I've never been a fan of neither action or pseudo fairy tale movies. Unfortunately, this seems to be an action movie based around a pseudo fairy tale. He seems to have tied his cart to Ridley Scott and vice versa. That's OK, but if we've learned anything from that team, we've learned the following: Don't believe the hype (i.e. the aforementioned "American Gangster"). So Russell, we still love you, but we're going to have to call in sick for this viewing experience. Here's hoping for a "State Of Play 2."

Just Wright

Anybody ever see "Brown Sugar?" Wonderful movie. In fact, back when I shunned all movies, it was still a film I decided to own. For the first 21 years of my life, the only two movies I owned were "Brown Sugar" and "Catch Me If You Can." "Just Wright?" Well, you can't help but see the comparison between the two movies in your head. Maybe it's the New Jersey Nets angle. OK. That's exactly what it is, actually. Either way, the premise for this picture seems recycled and had the casting director opted for Gabrielle Union over Queen Latifah, this may not have even ever been released nationwide. Think about it. How many times have you seen the Queen on all the late night talk shows this week? Five million. She's one of the few people in the world who continues to make somewhat awful movies but is in high demand when it comes to the "guest on talk show" realm. Two good things? Common and the slew of NBA players making cameos throughout. Still not enough to make it interesting, though. And I like romantic movies, too. "Brown Sugar" DVD, where are you?


  1. I am honestly getting sick and tired of there no originality left in the world. I know there are plenty of screen writers living in NYC. I know a few of them. Can we get some of that talent?

    I still love Russell Crowe and am slightly interested in seeing his performance in this movie. But the whole Robin Hood thing went south after Men In Tights..amiright??!!!

  2. Men in Tights is Awesome with a capital A. And I know one thing this version of Robin Hood can't touch: the hit single produced by the Kevin Costner version, "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" by Canadian great Bryan Adams. Karaoke bars haven't been the same since.

    And I hear you re: new ideas in Hollywood. And the remakes seem to be getting closer and closer together too, in terms of time. I wouldn't be surprised to see a remake of Forrest Gump next year.

  3. Surprisingly, the At The Movies guys said 'see it' and 'rent it' for both movies..