Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...For The Ride Home: World Cup roster set, "Idol" comes to an end tonight and Kiss taps a unique choice for an opening band

Hello, hello. Plan on taking a break from "Dexter" tonight by watching the accompanying movie. Hey, you have to keep that Netflix list in motion, you know. Did anybody see this? It seemed to have flopped, and from what I understand, the movie is awfully sad. Sounds like a great night, doesn't it? For those who aren't lucky enough to hold such a flick in their possession, tonight is the end of "American Idol" as we know it. Not only will it be Simon's last show, but most everybody already knows that the singing contest began its downward spiral as soon as we found out "Dancing With The Stars" was beating it in the ratings. Will Ellen come back next year? Will the show go back to three judges? Will anyone watch? All of these questions will not be answered tonight, but it ought to be interesting to see how Simon wants to go out. Before you tune in - or take a walk while enjoying some beautiful summer weather in late May - take a look at the below links, ponder LeBron going to L.A. and sit back with a nice ice cream sandwich. Be good, friends. It is Wednesday, after all.

We are finally down to the 23-man roster that will fly over to South Africa. Don’t forget, friends: June 12, we open against England. (ESPN)

Joe McGinniss is stalking Sarah Palin (kind of). Slate defends him. (Slate)

“American Idol” comes to an end tonight (as we mentioned up top). So sad to see one last post from Lisa until the karaoke contest begins again next year. (Washington Post)

More “Idol:” The 10 best insults from Simon Cowell. “You sound like Cher after she’s been to the dentist.” (CBS News)

And speaking of contests, the Pussycat Doll won “Dancing With The Stars” last night. She called the win “life-changing.” Really? (People)

The Academy Is… is going to open for Kiss this summer. Would love to see Kiss fans’ response to that. (Alternative Press)

“He said ‘Do it faster.’ It’s like, come on, man. I’m dealing with Congress here. It takes a little bit of time.” (Yahoo)

Jesse James’ dad beat him. And that’s why he cheated on Sandra Bullock. Duh. (MSNBC)

It’s almost Bonnaroo time! Here are 30 acts you absolutely must check out before making that trip to Tennessee. (Spin)


  1. I heard this movie was pretty good actually. Full report tomorrow I hope.

    But tisk-tisk on taking a night off from Dexter.

  2. I hope it's good. Kind of oddly excited to watch it, actually.