Monday, April 19, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Christina Hendricks really is the prettiest woman around, Big Ben and Pulitzer winner doesn't care about newspapers

For those scoring at home, "Use Me" is the best song ever written. Period. Well, at least according to one particular person who may or may not write for this blog. Can't get "Ain't No Sunshine" out of the head, so we open Week 4 with a vintage photo of the man, myth and legend. Can fill out three more spots in that Top 5 list, but still searching for the effervescent number five song. Any suggestions? Anyways, how was your weekend? Good? That's good. The weather seemed to be collectively awful, but that didn't mean you couldn't cuddle up and catch up on some movies, television shows or books, right? Got new deodorant recently, and it smells grrrrrreat. Don't you love when that happens? Life's little battles. Onward and upward...

Wanted to wait to see if an announcement is actually made today, but according to wonder-kid Adam Schefter, we wait another day. For now, damning, lengthy article on Ben Roethlisberger and the chain of events around what happened. Pretty good. (Post-Gazette)

Coachella happened this weekend. You saw what Jay-Z did in a post earlier today. Now read about how Sly Stone is completely nuts. (Billboard)

Rufus Wainwright loves opera, 50 cent and maple syrup. Like him. A lot. (Details)

If the Wall Street Journal’s New York edition works out, they may expand to other cities. Rupert Murdoch pets a cat in a dark room. (Adage)

It’s buried, but it’s there (Page 2): The kid who won the Pulitzer last week isn’t getting calls from the big boys. And he doesn’t know if he wants to be a journalist forever. Some people. (Washington Post)

Rolling Stone looks different. Still offers occasionally hollow pieces. P.S. How about that “Glee” cover story? Something wrong there. Who gave that article the green light? (Rolling Stone)

Isla Fisher is pregnant. Or oddly shaped. Never would have guessed she’s almost 35. (Us Weekly)

You probably cared about the Country Music Awards. Eww. Remember this? If you read it, then you, friend, may have watched the Juno Awards instead. Unrelated: The movie with Ellen Page and Michael Cera. (New York Times)

In a(n) (un)surprising move, Christina Hendricks was named America’s Best Looking Woman today. Good. Love “Mad Men.” Love her. Those who want to give it to Megan Fox clearly haven't read this. (Dimewars)

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