Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Terry Gross, Elin is mad at Tiger, no "Relapse 2" and women love mean dudes

Watched the original movie version of "In Cold Blood" a couple nights ago, completing the trifecta that is watching "Capote," reading "In Cold Blood" and then viewing it in black and white. Can only think of a handful of writers that would be joining Mr. Capote in my top tier of authors. The movie itself was pretty good (and long), but it held my interest for each and every one of those nearly-150 minutes. Some things were left out, and as usual, the book was better, but if you even have the smallest amount of admiration for the man's work, then it's must-see. And you thought we would only use photos of celebrities. Silly reader, you.

Told you more would come regarding Pulitzer winners: Mark Firoe, winner of the Editorial Cartoon Pulitzer, talks about how he nearly didn’t have the opportunity to become what he is today. (Washington Post)

Because “Fresh Air” gives some of the best, most in-depth interviews in talk radio: A day in the life of Terry Gross. (The Atlantic Wire)

Via TS, again (that’s two days in a row!). Honestly thought this was a joke. Still trying to wrap my head around it. (Yahoo)

Wow. So Genesis can’t reunite for the Hall of Fame, but Phil Collins can release a new record and maybe tour? Neat: This four-night stand will include The Funk Brothers, and he’s taking out drummer Chester Thompson with him, too. Side: Once exchanged e-mails with Thompson for a long period of time and he couldn’t have been nicer. He even offered up his phone number. Nothing like test messaging a pseudo member of Genesis. (Pollstar)

Speaking of touring, Modest Mouse is heading out this summer. (Pitchfork)

Elin is mad at Tiger for his creepy commercial. You go, girl! (ABC News)

Interesting: “American Idol” music director plans to take over when Kevin Eubanks leaves “The Tonight Show.” (Popeater)

According to Eminem, “Relapse 2” will never happen. (Twitter)

If men aren’t nice to women, they will get more dates. (CNN)

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