Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Pulitzer winner talks, Conan begins his tour and "Dancin'" drummer dies

"Glee" returns tonight and from what we understand, it's supposed to be a big deal. Confession: Haven't watched a second of it. The critics can't be wrong, though, can they? Almost halfway through the week, which must make you all feel wonderful. Almost halfway through April, too. That must also make you all feel wonderful. Unless if you like cold, the winter or darkness. Then, well, you probably don't feel all that wonderful. As for now, check out these links, follow us on Twitter and e-mail us at theunusualsuspectsblog@gmail.com. We respond to everything. Promise.

Courtesy of TU. How a public relations man is doing his best to...save newspapers? (New York Times)

Going to try and a Pulitzer-related piece each day this week after the announcements yesterday. Today: Feature Writing - A chat with Weingarten about his tremendous story regarding parents who left children in cars to die. (Washington Post)

Great headline: Ben Reothlisberger’s apology infinitely more effective with “WWE Heel” look. (The Big Lead)

Conan opened his tour last night, fully equipped with Kenneth from “30 Rock” and a musical guest. TBS, here he comes. (Oregon Live)

The NBA playoffs are almost here. These guys have a possible upset between a 1-8 matchup. Possible? Anything’s possible with Kevin Durant. (Bleacher Report)

For all the drummers in the house: Steve Reid, a jazz legend who played on “Dancing In The Street,” died today. He was 66. (CMJ)

Ads on Twitter, huh? It’s hard to think people actually have a full grasp on how much the world has changed within the last 20 years, and, for that matter, will continue to change within the next 20 years. (Slate)

Ochocinco gave his “Dancing With The Stars” partner a diamond ring? Really? (US Weekly)


  1. all types of ridiculousness. I still don't understand the purpose of twitter..

  2. Twitter is supposed to be the answer for people who don't want to read long-form writing these days. Or blogs. Hehe.