Thursday, April 8, 2010

...For The Ride Home: George Clooney, Richard Thomspon's music fest and losing sleep cures depression

Prerequisite for marriage No 1: She must have the exact hair style Ms. Jones has in this video. For those scoring at home, the above is the singer's latest single, and while we could have posted the official video for it, we decided it would be good to treat you, the intelligent and happy reader, to make sure the week's videos are all live performances. It's all out of love. Again, the below links are designed to catch you up on all you may have missed while scurrying your way through such a busy day. The Unusual Suspects: The place to go for all your up-to-date inside information. Remember that, friends. Release the cracken...

There is no sex tape with Sandra Bullock in it, and she wants you to know. This is sad, isn't it? She spends all that time thanking the dude while she literally reaches the pinnacle of her career, and all the while he likes ladies with tattoos and piercings. (ABC News)

Hate to love Duke or love to hate Duke, Scheyer's phone number tweet joke was awfully funny. (Deadspin)

For all the pregnant women out there: Sleepless nights may help you relieve depression. (New York Times)

Admittedly found this link while scurrying through other blogs this morning, but had to post it. Remember Ashley Dupre? The call girl? Spitzer? She's lonely and seeks love. Anyone interested? (Stiletto Suicide)

Richard Thompson is going to hold a festival in London and Elvis Costello, the entire Wainwright clan and Broken Bells will be there. Rest in peace, Kate McGarrigle. (NME)

Very, very interesting read on lesbians in pop culture. (Popmatters)

Recently watched "Up In The Air" for the second time and remembered how it's leaps and miles beyond any other movie in the last several years. That said, here's your obligatory George Clooney with girlfriend picture. By the way, she's really not a knock-out. Come on, man. You're George Clooney! (People)

"In the old days, columnists were on Mount Olympus. ...Obviously, things aren't like that anymore. An electrician in San Diego can easily have something more original to say than I do, and faster." (Star-Telegram)

Kanye West is recording a new album. Taylor Swift will not have a guest spot. (Billboard)

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