Friday, April 23, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Rufus doesn't want you to clap at his concerts, the media has trouble with Big Ben and Sarah Silverman is mad at Deadspin

Above, you see one of the greatest moments in NBA history: Allen Iverson making Michael Jordan look silly with a crossover. There wasn't a person in the world who thought that shot wasn't going in after he made the great one nearly fall to his knees. Why post this video now, at the conclusion of week four? Was finally able to sit down and watch the "30 for 30" on Iverson's trial last night. A little extensive, but provocative nonetheless. Couldn't get pass the director forcing himself upon the film, but aside from that, you should probably give it a look if you have an extra two hours. This is the last full weekend of April and goodness, where did the time go? You kind readers have been coming back for nearly a month now, and for that we are forever grateful. Be good, don't get into any stereotypical weekend trouble, and we will see you, the wonderfully gorgeous reader, back here Monday, ready and eager to read. As always, love you, miss you.

The most astute observation from last night’s NFL Draft. (Twitter)

Time magazine used to be much like a blog. Even better: David Halberstam’s name is dropped in this piece. (New York Times)

The case of Big Ben and how hard it has become for the media to properly cover it. Good read. (Market Watch)

Kim Kardashian used to be married? (Popeater)

Tiger’s back to slumming it: He blogged about the Masters, golfing and vacation. Scott Van Pelt adjusts the "bookmarks" function on his computer.(Tiger Woods)

Interesting: Archie comics is going to introduce a gay character into its comics. The revolution begins now. (Entertainment Weekly)

A little late on this, but it needs to be addressed: Rufus Wainwright is set to kick off his tour, and wants you to know that his audiences are prohibited from clapping during his first set. Honestly. (Pollstar)

First she loses her husband, now she loses her Razzie. Still have to root for Sandra. Recently found out she waited until 40 to get married. Probably the right way to go. Just too bad she waited for what she ended up with. (CNN)

Sarah Silverman is mad at Deadspin. Jimmy Kimmel packs his bags and holds a going-away party after leaving the doghouse. (Deadspin)

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