Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Women rock the party that rock that par-tay

I love women. No, really. I do. I love a woman for being a woman. I’ve got to be one of the select few straight guys in the world who pays countless attention to things like hair styles (big deal), fashion (what pair of pants should go with that blouse you’ve been wanting to wear), figure (but who doesn’t?), nail polish (some colors just really, really don’t work), and shoes (a bad pair could completely ruin a first impression).

That said - and those superficial, generic aspects aside - I love a woman’s point of view more than anything. It’s essential to the everyday task of living, no matter the man, no matter the situation. To me, a woman’s intelligence is unparalleled by almost any other thing this world can offer. For so long, so many women were shunned from ever obtaining a voice in everything from the household to government. I mean, goodness. Even today, I feel women don’t get the credit they deserve. And that’s why I love women. Forget the short hair, black pants, skinny body, dark nail polish and super-cool shoes. Though I can pay attention and appreciate such things, none of those are deal-breakers. I love women for being women. That’s it.

All of the above considered, there is one thing about women that has forever – and always will – fascinate me. What’s that? Women in music. The problem? It’s awfully hard to drive down Main Street, turning Kelly Clarkson’s latest CD up to 11 all the while singing every word in every song in your best “I’m a man, but I want to sound like a woman” voice. Honestly. Try pulling into a sports bar while mouthing the words to Pink’s “So What.” It’s not going to turn out well.

Why does this matter? Well, I was flipping through some of my favorite records these days, and began realizing that the vast majority were from female artists (and to think, Lilith Fair is starting back up this summer!). Why have I fallen in lust with these songs the way I have? That’s simple: The attitude. I absolutely love the showcase of intelligent snark that is impossible to over-look, incredibly dumb to discount and always done better than anyone else when coming from a powerful woman.

Naturally, I wanted to make a mixed CD. The problem: I don’t have anybody to make the CD for. Sure, I could make it for my basketball buddies, but I wanted to give it to a woman I knew to see if she could agree with my appreciation for said songs, even if the said songs weren’t formerly liked by the said woman. In short, I wanted to make a “Girl Power!” CD (notice the exclamation point), with only 10 tracks, of course (hey, who really wants to read a mile-long blog post?).

Because I currently lack most any female influence in my life, I thought I’d share my track listing with you, the gorgeous reader. Are these good? Are my opinions right? Am I wrong? Do I have any clue at all into the psyche of a woman, based solely on the selections I have decided to put on this CD? Are there any women out there who read this blog? Are there any suggestions? How great will it be when I post this and there is a grand total of zero comments posted in response? Super great.

In any case, I thought I’d share. From a completely masculine, I love women point of view, of course.

1. Etta James – “I’d Rather Go Blind”
“Something told me, it was over. When I saw you and her talking.” On a scale of one to heartbreak, the way those first two lines are sung are on a “I don’t have a heart anymore” level. It doesn’t get more passionate than Ms. James. What woman can’t relate to that?

2. Norah Jones – “Tell Yer Mama”
Oh, no she didn’t just get at his family like that, did she?

3. Christina Aguilera – “Ain’t No Other Man”
“I don’t know what you did, boy, but you had it, and I’ve been hooked ever since.” Besides, who doesn’t want a man who’s got style and class?

4. Straylight Run – “Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs”
“Do you think that this could work out?...I don’t.” Tell me you haven’t been around that boy who just go won’t away. Dare you.

5. The Postal Service – “Nothing Better”
No wonder Zooey fell for Ben. Best part: 2:30 mark when she interrupts him as he tries to sing, saying “Don’t you feed me lines about some idealistic future.” You’d lose your woman card if you couldn’t relate to that.

6. Beyonce – “Irreplaceable”
Honestly. Does this need an explanation?

7. Alanis Morissette – “Right Through You”
Blatantly letting the man in question know that no, he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. “You took a long hard look at my ass, and then played golf for a while.” Fabulous.

8. Aretha Franklin – “(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman”
Carole King had a hand in this, and you can tell. It’s a tale of perfect love for a woman. And what does perfect love equal? Peace of mind.

9. Joss Stone – “Headturner”
“Girls, we gotta work it like we do. ‘Cause we’re worth it.” This even eclipses “You Had Me,” her ultimate kiss-off track. So much attitude. So much greatness. “If you’re gonna watch me walk, then watch me walk.”

10. Alicia Keys – “You Don’t Know My Name”
Not “Superwoman.” This takes a look into what it’s actually like to be a woman, notice a man, develop a crush on the man, take it as far as it can, and move forward with how to properly approach a first date. And a spoken word track? Craziness.

And now we turn our collective head to you.



  1. I had no idea that Zooey was the one who sang that part! I totally hear it now... I didnt know they have been together this long...crazy.

    Here's a chick I really dig...her name is Alice Smith...every time I have seen Citizen Cope live, she has opened for him...I don't know if she is his cupcake or not, but she is sickkkkk...

    check it...

  2. That voice is crazy! It's so lazy but powerful. Her and Citizen Cope would have been fabdiculous. Totally dig her vibe. Everytime I see "tag" I think of body spray. Kind of like "axe." Fantastic link. You may have just found a new obsession for me.

  3. I loved your mix CD, and I think it's great that you're into female artists. So few guys will admit that they enjoy Beyonce, Pink, or Norah Jones, who are all strong, powerful, talented women.

    Question! How do you feel about Lady Gaga?

  4. Such a problem with Lady Gaga, though I know I'm in the minority. She seems too contrived. If she was able to show more power than glam, it would be different. But it's hard not to view her as fake. Again. I know I'm in the minority.

  5. I'm not a woman who's all that into female artists, so I'll be honest, I've not heard half of the songs you listed. Of the artists I do know, Beyonce makes me want to puke, Norah Jones makes me fall asleep and Alicia Keys just flat-out bores me.
    I enjoy Christina Aguilera, and I can get on board with the song you chose. Have you heard "Candy Man?" It's one of my guilty pleasures.
    Loved the post. And you aren't alone among men. My husband, who's very into typical "manly" things like motorcycles and hunting, has a soft spot for certain female artists. Pink is one of his favorites.

  6. Pink nearly made the list! I didn't want to do too many songs, so I stopped at 10. But that's why she's referenced earlier. Love Pink.