Thursday, April 15, 2010

...For The Ride Home: It's tax day, Something Corporate is back and Lisa de Moraes is a better writer than you

Plan on watching "Broken Flowers" tonight based strictly on the recommendation that it is along the same lines and is as good - if not better - than "Lost In Translation." Has anyone seen it? Got excited when it was put in the que months ago. Lost the excitement. Have it back now that it's here. Should be fun. It's Thursday, which means this is the night when pretty, young people usually go out and begin their respective weekends early with time at the bar and the occasional one-night-stand. Good luck with all that. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, or e-mail us at Again, anyone who submits a good link will receive a box of sour patch kids. If none of that interests you, read about microwaves and think of Jack. Be good.

Today is tax day. Hope you filed your taxes. Big brother is watching. (Yahoo)

Easily the best story from all the Pulitzer prizes: 28-year-old in Bristol wins for investigative work. We give it three months before one of the big boys grabs him up. (Mediamatters)

Remember what we said about Eminem’s “Relapse 2?” Hours later, he announced plans for “Recovery.” (Rolling Stone)

Man delivers obituary, then commits suicide. Sad. (Sacramento Bee)

“One Sponsor Car Company Youth Market Car Model Music Video later, it's time for another Seabiscuit Moment of High Tension and Drama, as Casey James, Andrew Garcia, and Aaron Kelly are called to center stage.” Going to keep linking her Idol recaps until somebody recognizes her brilliance. (Washington Post)

A complete roundup of all the Tiger parody commercials with his dad’s voice. Funny. (Deadspin)

So, Something Corporate is back. Does this mean Jack’s Mannequin is dead? (Spin)

More from the Pulitzers: Washington Post writer Howie Hurtz is not happy that the Washington Times didn’t mention the Post winners. (Twitter)


  1. Have you read Michael Slezak's Idol recaps at He's also really funny and has been a fan of the show for years. His recaps/commentary are usually spot-on.

  2. I have not. Now that you suggest it, though, I will certainly check it out. Good lookin' out.

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