Friday, April 16, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Tomorrow is National Record Store Day and a $60 million football stadium in Texas

Quick story: Spent an hour (yes, an hour) on the phone with my cell phone provider because I am due an upgrade. Want to change plans, order the phone, etc. Sit on the phone with some happy dude from T-Mobile for all that time, as he cheerily makes his way through what I can and can't do, what I should and shouldn't do, what plan he thinks is great for me. Finally settle on something, and all I have left to do is press "1." In haste and annoyance, I accidentally hang up the call. Naturally, when I call back, I get someone different, who then tells me they have nothing new on record for me. And this is the beginning to a birthday weekend. Ugh. Really won't be able to stand a bad birthday this year. Just not in the mood. In any case, week three has come and gone, and you guys, well you guys have been sparse. We forgive you, though. Still can't get a word on "Treme." I'll take it as a personal insult and a testament to how much you a)may hate us b)may hate me c)don't care d)don't read or e)have no interest in the things we say. It's a sad world. Go see "The Jonses" even if Kurt Loder doesn't like it. In honor of upcoming activities, we take you into the weekend with Mr. Ben Harper. Enjoy the weather, and as always, love you, miss you.

Rounding out our Pulitzer coverage: Apple rejects Pulitzer winner’s App, and now asks him to resubmit it after winning the award. Meanies. (New York Times)

A $60 million stadium is being built…for a high school football team. (Rivals)

Love Philadelphia more than breadsticks. But it’s stuff like this that makes you squirm: Dude vomits on girl. (ESPN)

Jay-Z will be on “Saturday Night Live” in May. The host? Betty White. (MTV)

Larry King is getting it done in so many ways. Now, there will be no divorce. (TMZ)

Tomorrow is National Record Store Day. Don’t forget. (Record Store Day)

Butch Walker’s new record is only four bucks for today only. (Amazon)

Leonardo DiCaprio. Ellen Page. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sold. July can’t get here soon enough. (IMDB)

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