Monday, April 12, 2010

The last Tiger Woods post until the next Tiger Woods post

Held off on a lot of possible Tiger posts last week. Thought it was cliché, and while you may not think to believe it, we do try and tackle things that other, better, more powerful blogs may decide to skip. It was simply too easy. Sure, we offered a link here or there, but no narrative came at any point. Why even try it? Honestly. You’ve already made your mind up about the golfer by now, anyways. What are you going to learn here that you couldn’t read elsewhere?

But as the weekend went on, and as Tiger became more determined to come back to the tour with a bang, a question popped in and out of my head as the cheers became louder and the coverage became more forgiving. Come on: Those airplane banners were the only two things that even remotely looked critical when it came to discussing the golfer. And even those were quickly dismissed as juvenile. That question? How did he happen to regain everyone’s heart so quickly?

Yahoo’s Brian Murphy wrote Sunday night about how nothing surrounding the golfer has changed.

“We’d forgotten – through all the tabloids and TMZ.coms and weird statements in front of blue curtains and five-minute time limits and hearing Earl’s voice again – that Tiger is the best in the world at what he does, anytime, anywhere. He’s beyond maestro. He is the uber-maestro, if there is such a thing. We’ve just made it up, right here. And yet, there were so many moments of poor golf, it reminded you that just five months ago he wheeled his Escalade into a fire hydrant and tree, and hadn’t played competitively since.”

He cussed. He yelled. He acted like a brat. By the time Sunday evening came, it was back to the “Gosh, I played awful and now I just want to call the nearest pancake waitress to let off some steam” joke he’s become. Moreover – and more importantly – having viewed his four days at the Masters as nothing more than an extension of what we have all grown to see him as on the golf course – for all the good and all the bad – why aren’t we to suggest nothing else about his life has changed, either?

It wasn’t too long ago that each day, we’d awake to find a different woman, with a different story, talking about a different instance in which Tiger cheated on his wife, the notoriously absent-from-this-weekend Elin. Because he was in the hunt Sunday afternoon, did almost every golf fan in the world forget about how he duped an entire world filled with Tiger-lovers for years, proclaiming to be a disciplined role model who you could always count on to take his vitamins and win golf tournaments?

Ironic: What made Phil Mickelson’s victory so special Sunday, and the first place he turned to after securing the win was ….his wife. Who would have Tiger turned to had he been able to pull off a miraculous Masters triumph?

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