Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The NHL might go to ESPN, old people get their own reality show and the fabulousness of Viola Davis

Isn't it odd how similar spring and fall are, yet the feelings they portray couldn't be more opposite? Spring is a time of hope, setting you up for months filled with memories, nice weather, vacations, romance, opportunity and reason for optimism. Fall is a time of reflection, setting you up for months filled with cold, isolation, longing, loneliness and a beauty that is only beautiful because of its tragedy. But nature gives us something near the exact same backdrop for almost all the duration of both (depending on the when the leaves either fall or bloom). A 50 degree day in May is certainly not a 50 degree day in October. I digress. Can't wait to get to "An Education." Ms. Mulligan looks cuter than three boxes of buttons. And finally, Happy one-month anniversary! Goodness, how time has flown! Again, the exclamation point is added for effect. We are eternally grateful for you, the wonderfully beautiful reader, for reading the silly things we have to say. To think we have even had one comment, one follower or one reader is a blessing, so please know it does not go unnoticed. Then again, the day we see that nobody is reading this, we will cry until our eyebrows need to be air-dried. That said, from us to you, we thank you and we look forward to many more months together in what promises to be a prosperous relationship. Because if relationships aren't prosperous, what good are they?

When he says “Use this, I beg of you,” you know it has to be good, right? This has to be a candidate for the biggest show on OPN (The Old People’s Network). And if you get that joke, I will seriously buy you a dinner of your choice. (New York Times)

Who doesn’t love "The Price Is Right?" Side: Once interviewed a showcase showdown winner, and she had nothing but glowing things to say about everything involved. Weeks later, she was still elated. (TV Squad)

In the name of “House,” saw this and had to post it. Scroll until you see. (PostSecret)

I agree. (Cristina Moreno)

Said this years ago (and someone who may or may not be involved with this blog knows it): ESPN is looking at another go with the NHL. And that, friends, is the key to success. (Mediaweek)

Guess who said it: You can’t kill the New York Times. (New York Observer)

New Eminem single Friday. Will it be clownish? Will it be serious? Wait. Will it be good? (MTV)

Remember Viola Davis from “Doubt?” How incredible was she? Correct answer: Very. Now, she’s going to be up for a Tony after staring opposite Denzel. Why isn’t she a star, yet? (Los Angeles Times)

For fans of “True Blood.” (MSNBC)


  1. I just watched An Education last week. I did enjoy it, maybe not as much as I loved High Fidelity but Nick Hornby definitely has this adoreable ability to write stories that hook me. I think when you read his writing you can also tell that he worked as a journalists for a while. I can definitley appreciate it.

  2. I really, really, really, and really really can't wait.