Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...For The Ride Home: "Curb" is back, Guru will be missed and "Hey Dude"

Waited as late as possible to see if any word on Ben Roethlisberger would come out for the second day in a row. And for the second day in a row, nothing happened. Ben watch is now on hold until after the NFL Draft. Today, we offer up Christina Hendricks in honor of her being named more beautiful than a bed of flowers yesterday. When does "Mad Men" come back, anyways? Even more so, for effect, we have offered up a link to her open letter to men at Esquire. It's awfully insightful. And by insightful, we mean awsomeradical. In any case, learn a thing or two about getting a date, gaze into this magical woman's eyes, follow a link or two, leave some comments, or have a listen to the new LCD Soundsystem record. Why? Because it's better than whatever it is you are listening to now. Be good.

How great is this? A “Where Are They Now?” with the members of “Hey Dude.” (Fox News)

As promised: Christina Hendricks thinks you should drink scotch and never make fun of your girlfriend’s friends. If she’s not the most amazing lady around, she’s got to be in the top three. Come on, now. (Esquire)

Kelsey Grammer is a Republican. In other shocking news, Keith Olbermann leans a little left, and Kirstie Alley has problems with her weight. (Yahoo)

Rest In Peace, Guru. No matter the authenticity of that note.(All Hip-Hop)

As a reward from wealthy people, Forbes is offering bloggers the chance to work for them…for free. (Gawker)

The NFL Draft – which begins Thursday this year, mind you – is rolling out the red carpet. Literally. (USA Today)

The Colorado Rockies’ president was found dead this morning. (Denver Post)

Hey, hey. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will be back! Somewhere, Susie Essman curses. (Entertainment Weekly)

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