Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Ben's suspension (finally), Sublime continues its reunion party and the "South Park" dudes are in danger

To the right of this paragraph, you will see Kermit Ruffins. Why a picture of him? Well, thanks to help help of NONE OF YOU (making me weep endlessly), I was finally able to pull up a site that has episodes of "Treme." Mr. Ruffins plays a big part in the first episode, and we can only hope he comes back for more. Quite possibly the coolest thing seen on television in the last two years: The trumpet player in a club, being watched by Elvis Costello. It was like a dream I never wanted to end. Only one episode in, but if you can't use hyperbole, you shouldn't have a blog: It may be the best show offered these days. "30 Rock" has competition. Moving forward, it's Wednesday, and that means hump day. Use all the sexual innuendo you'd like. And finally, had my e-mail hacked and something sent out a ton of spam to everyone I've ever e-mailed. Anyone know anything about this? I hear it's been making the rounds. Does this mean I should get rid of the address? Ahhh, who am I kidding? I spent five days begging anyone to say just one measly thing about "Treme," and came up empty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Be good.

This is what irony means: The day after I proclaim all Big Ben news over until after the Draft, he gets six games. Stephen Jackson sighs. (ESPN)

The best part of believe is the lie. (You Tube)

Sublime reunited with their new singer last night on 4/20. Pot heads rejoiced. Bradley Nowell’s estate looked for ways to get paid. (Spin)

For newspaper heads: Birmingham News kills column explaining the effects of the recent spree of buyouts newspapers have been forced to enact. Naturally, a blog picked it up. (Poynter)

Hot Hot Heat will release a new album in June. Criminally over-looked band. It’s time for a dance party. (Alternative Press)

As suggested by a reader: “Michael Lynche’s attempt to channel his inner Chad Kroeger inspired funny feelings in the pit of my stomach.” Slezak’s “Idol” recap really isn’t all that bad. (Entertainment Weekly)

Muslims are threatening the creators of “South Park.” Hey, if anything goes down, at least we’ll know who killed Kenny. (New York Daily News)

Bet you didn’t know: Craig Ferguson is in the top two movies in America. (Twitter)


  1. When you talk about Hot Hot Heat you are talking directly into my heart. get get down.

  2. Most definitely. Hot Hot Heat goes waaayyyy over-looked man. And they are so dancetastic.

  3. so so so underrated, I'm not even sure I could be friends with someone that didn't enjoy the Hot Hot Heat.

  4. I absolutely love Hot Hot Heat, yet you've made it abundantly clear that we are not and never will be friends Mr. ACB. I still find this upsetting.

  5. I will hate you forever, and find it quite pleasing. Don't try to use my love for Hot Hot Heat in an attempt to create a friendship....not happening!

  6. I'll keep trying to win your affection... forever. Even if I only get through to you 5 times out 100, one of these days I hope you might Let Me In. Oh well, anyways, Goodnight, Goodnight.