Monday, April 5, 2010

...For The Ride Home: NCAA title game is tonight, Goodbye, Underoath and Kurt Cobain died 16 years ago today

So, how was your weekend? The weather was pretty good, wasn't it? Good. In honor of this past weekend, ...For The Ride Home would like to bestow upon you, the intelligent and cute reader, a warm welcome to what will forever be known as Norah Jones week. That's right. Each day's collection of links will be accompanied with a video of the tremendous singer/songwriter performing one of her many fabulous songs. Why do this? Well, remember this post? Substitute "to ever appear in a movie" to, "ever appear on stage at a concert." No joke. A bigger crush could have never been had on a woman in the illustrious history of women. And that's an understatement. We expect to hear from you, and by you, we mean the aforementioned intelligent and cute reader. Not Norah Jones. Though, if we do hear from Norah Jones, well, that would be welcomed with open arms as well. Moving forward...

Kurt Cobain died 16 years ago today. Are we ever going to see a film? (Hitfix)

It's not quite David and Goliath tonight, but if you are a columnist in Indianapolis, you get paid to make such grand statements. Go Butler. (Indy Star)

The dude that sings and plays drums in Underoath will stop doing that at the end of this current tour. (Alt Press)

On the road all weekend, so a little late on this, but this is a hell of a moment. A lot of people don't like Bob Huggins. Count this blog out of that group of people. (The Big Lead)

The best link ever offered on this blog's short history: Movies getting newspapers right. It doesn't happen anymore. (The Star-Ledger)

Speaking of the media, a way CNN can stop the bleeding. (Vanity Fair)

Came across the Erykah Badu video last week. Odd, yet unexpected approach to proving some oh-so-important point. Anyways, she talked to Wanda Sykes about it this weekend. (Pitchfork)

Expect more of this in the weeks to come, friends. "Dancing With The Stars" beats "American Idol" in ratings war. Simon's leaving. Ellen's forgettable. The ship is sinking. (Los Angeles Times)

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