Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...For The Ride Home: MGMT, Carey and McCarthy are donzo and Messi is a better footballer than you

It's been brought to our attention that not everybody may be familiar with what ...For The Ride Home is supposed to be. To clarify, the following is a collection of links for you, the wonderfully smart reader, to ponder for the rest of the day, or, as some who may read this may experience, on the "ride home" from wherever it may be: Class, work, etc. Most blogs do this kind of thing in the morning, kind of like picking up a digital newspaper. Because we are both visionary and innovative (that was sarcastic, don't leave us comments telling us we are egotistical, now. We know we don't matter and in the wide-world of blogosphere, we are nothing more than a mere speck of dirt), we thought we'd provide the same thing, only at the end of the proverbial day. It also gives you something to do when you realize your night's plans may have fallen through. We do this because we care. It will be accompanied with an introductory paragraph such as the one you are reading now. That paragraph will be about...well, anything. Because this is Norah Jones Week around these parts, consider the above video, a live performance of the fabulous "Chasing Pirates." If we could find the official video to embed, we would because goodness gracious, she's so cute in it. Enjoy. Comment. Sing. Laugh. Or, in case you missed it, check out how great and powerful females can be. Or, follow us on Twitter. Or, well, smile. Why? Because smiling cures the common cold. Not really. But if it did, we'd all be a little less depressed.

MGMT is touring! MGMT is touring! (Spin)

Bob Ryan was definitely not happy with last night's women's championship game. Monday's? That's a different story. (Boston Globe)

Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy are done. Bummer. They were so easy to root for. (Miami Herald)

Super late, but we miss college basketball already. And if Gus Johnson's calling it, we're watching it. You're welcome in advance for the hours you can waste on this thing. (Soundboard)

Questlove took in the Thom Yorke show last night. And, well, he loved it. (Twitter)

Can't ignore this: Lionel Messi really is the best player in the world. One hat trick. 21 minutes. And a lost season for Arsenal. (ThinkSpain)

Speaking of strong beautiful women, hope to take in the Jill Scott/Maxwell tour this summer. Just not sure where yet. (All Hip-Hop)

If you can't find three laugh-out-loud lines in this "American Idol" recap, don't bother reading another thing in your life. (Washington Post)

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