Thursday, April 29, 2010

...For The Ride Home: The death of Michael Scott, Philly newspapers are finally sold and Alicia Keys is pregnant?

Stick the above video right next to an episode of "30 Rock" in the list of things to be used as an anti-depressant. Stumbled upon it this morning, and was so eager to share, I even thought of an entire post that you will probably see sometime next week regarding the above video. It's only May, but this has to be a candidate for song of the year. Scoff, spit, cuss, leave comments calling us un-credible, knowledge-less music fans. Don't care. If you can't look at this and instantly smile, you shouldn't consider yourself a fan of what the true essence of music is, anyways. The references, the choreography, the organ. Man, oh man. So much fun. Moving forward (and contributing more to our "hatable" level right now), I reluctantly watched "Law Abiding Citizen" last night and was pleasantly surprised. That's the best thing Gerard Butler has ever been in, right? I mean, come on. "The Ugly Truth" was awful, and "Bounty Hunters" looks even worse. It was a less intelligent "Inside Man," and that's not all terribly bad. Wasn't crazy for the ending, though. In any case, happy Thursday, friends.

Like we said here yesterday, if the Capitals lose, there would be some problems. The world is ending in Washington today. (Washington Post)

The Philly paper sales are being spun as a good thing. OK. But this? “Smart people and real money are betting we succeed?" A bit much. (

Steve Carell is going to leave “The Office.” No word on weather or not the show will replace him with Daphne Maxwell Reid. (Officetally)

The only time Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin will be mentioned together (until Levi Johnston ends up marrying Gags): Both named to Time’s Most Influential People list. (Popeater)

John Mayer is done with Twitter. Jessica Simpson opens a bottle of wine. (One Forty Plus)

“FBI uncovers plot to ‘Sex And The City 2.’” See. The Onion is funny. (The Onion)

Courtney Love wants either Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy to play Kurt Cobain in the biopic that will never happen. As a result, work on “The Notebook 2” has come to a halt. (NME)

Alicia Keys pregnant? Whoa. (Media Takeout)

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