Friday, April 9, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Treme and more Treme, Weekend Update's radical reunion and Tiger Woods (y'all)

Oh, how so sad it is to see Norah Jones week come to an end. Today, we offer up the absolute cutest song ever written. And that's no overstatement. No spoilers, but if you've never heard the song before, wait until something clicks inside your brain at the 1:30 mark. You'll smile for days. Anyways, we love you Ms. Jones (to make ourselves feel better, we sometimes pretend that people stumble across this particular blog. We know you're out there, Norah. It's all out of love). Moving forward, and something we have so absentmindedly forgot to mention. If you, the fantastically pretty reader, happen to come across any links you'd like to share with the world in this particular section, or, if you'd like to tell us that we are idiots in a more personal manner than the comments section, feel free to e-mail us at All links used will be given complete credit. And a Popsicle. That's it for this week, friends. Can you believe we have been running two weeks strong? Crazy, we know. Big weekend ahead. A premature birthday celebration of sorts, and more importantly, the premiere of "Treme" on HBO (and yes, there will be multiple links below concerning that alone). Can't recall being more excited for the premiere of a television show...ever. That said, probably won't be able to get to it until way after it airs. Those who feel the same passion and excitement for this lovely television show may use the comments section here as a thread for what your first impressions may be. And yes, we'll drop by to see if any of you actually do such a thing, participating in intelligent and substantial conversation ourselves. If none of such things happen, we will count on seeing you back and better than ever Monday with new posts and new conversations. As for now, don't forget that broadcast media needs to re-think some things (or thangs), and, well, take time to appreciate how great women can be. Because, they most certainly are. Until Monday, love you, miss you.

Long, extensive read on Tiger. It's pretty good, too. Insightful, if nothing else. Nearly through with his second round, you would be an idiot to bet against him winning this weekend. (

The "Flight Of The Conchords" crew is coming back to the states! Over-looked and under-appreciated show. Should have went way longer than two seasons. (Pollstar)

Speaking of television shows, the dude from "Burn Notice" edged out Charlie in the finals today. That's upsetting. To make him feel better, be sure to watch your favorite "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" episode this weekend. (Chicago Now)

"Treme" time. First, an extensive interview with the creators literally hours before a writer died on the set last week (NPR). And then yet another journalist who believes the show will live up to the hype (Los Angeles Times).

There have already been terrorist threats against the World Cup. (Fox Sports)

How it works: If you comment on our blog, we will link your blog. (Julielynn)

Anybody want to take out ads in the Wall Street Journal or New York Post? Rupert Murdoch offers up to an 83 percent discount. (The Guardian)

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne? (TMZ)

An announcement concerning Big Ben is set for Monday (ESPN). If you don't remember, there may be some racial implications as a result of the conclusion. Never like to see that.

Super cool to see all these guys last night on the same stage. Is Amy Poehler pregnant again? Has to be. She's huge. (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

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  1. Haha, thanks for the link. That's sweet. I'm thinking I need a better name for that blog than just my name.

    (And yes, Amy Poehler is pregnant with her second child.)