Thursday, April 29, 2010

Actors be crazy.

So by now you may or may not have heard that Katie Holmes, the better half of the walking, talking TomKat disaster, will play Jackie O in the upcoming History Channel mini-series based on the Kennedy family (brilliantly titled “The Kennedys”). Does she look the part? I believe so. Is she a good enough actress to portray such a polarizing figure in American history? Possibly. But the big question for me: Can I look past her weird personal life (and even weirder husband) enough to ever take her seriously in anything?

The same question applies for most actors who constantly seem to be in the news for something strange. Angelina Jolie and her adoptions - Sandra Bullock and her penchant for Nazis - Jim Carrey and his Twitter page - Jennifer Aniston and her pathetic love life - Christian Bale and his temper… I’ll stop before moving on the B-listers. Feel free to list more if you feel so inclined.

We’ve all, present company included, become so saturated with the odd day to day lives of these people that it really skews our opinions of their bodies of work (for me at least). Case in point: we rarely hear about the strange behavior of Kate Winslet, Hillary Swank, Jeff Bridges and Denzel Washington - and they are four of the most believable actors around (a very subjective statement, I know I know).

But who am I kidding - Katie Holmes hasn’t been believable since her Joey Potter days on “Dawson’s Creek.” Although I’m waiting on pins and needles for a sequel to her smash hit “First Daughter.”

Enough already, this is getting mean-spirited. Don’t miss The Ride at 4 o’clock today.

- TS


  1. She's got the look but I don't think she has the talent. Katie Holmes will never be as good as the Joey Potter days. End of Story!

  2. Remember Katie Holmes in "Phone Booth," "The Gift" and "Disturbing Behavior?"... ... ... Ya, me neither. :)

    Jeanne Tripplehorn ("Big Love" = great show) would have been PERFECT for Jackie O. The look and the talent.

  3. Oh wow..Jeanne would have been SOOOOO much better!!!