Tuesday, April 6, 2010

...For The Ride Home: NCAA ratings up, Lollapalooza lineup announced, and can you believe where Drake kicked off his tour?

Themed weeks are fun. When they are dedicated to one of the prettiest, most talented females in the world, they become even more fun. Is it overbearing yet? No? Good. The above selection was actually featured as an iTunes free download months ago. You totally missed out, I know. Check the black dress, too. And her hair? Goodness her hair. Unrelated: Remember "Public Enemies?" The movie released around a year ago about John Dillinger, staring Johnny Depp and the Batmaninator? Wow. That's painful. Do you think the Batmaninator resembles John Hamm at all? Future post? We shall see. Speaking of posts, though, did you check this out from earlier today? Just checking. Just checking. As for now...

Mark McGrath is going to have sugar-babies! Just thought of that headline now. Clever, right? (Popeater)

By now, you've heard about the miner incident. Very sad read. (CNN)

The Lollapalooza lineup was announced today. Lady Gaga and Green Day on the same bill. Bigger question: Who will be wearing less clothes, Erykah Badu or Lady Gaga? (Rolling Stone)

The ice skating champion will fight to the death for Erin Andrews. (TMZ)

All you really need to know about the spring music season. (All Songs Considered)

What, you weren't watching the game last night? Shame on you. 34 percent more people watched it this year than last year. It captivated us so much, we squeezed a tweet out after Duke's win. (USA Today)

Will Smith will not play Marvin Gaye in a biopic that seemingly will never happen. (Hip Hop Blog)

Drake kicks his tour off in... Slippery Rock? Having worked the same type of night with Ludacris, a Dave Matthews tribute band, Trace Adkins and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you have to hope whoever is in that desk now gave the story proper treatment. Oh. And Sway was there, too. (MTV)

This year's Earth Day rally will feature Sting, Mavis Staples, John Legend and... the Fall Out Boy dude? Wierd. (Pollstar)

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  1. Drake even stopped in Butler after the show and went to our 5-star restaurant, Eatn'Park....that buffet is to die for, you can't deny.