Friday, April 2, 2010

...For The Ride Home: "Precious" girl on SNL, remember The Ultimate Warrior and Shel Silverstein

Let's get the weekend started off right, friends. Still not entirely sold on Drake, but if you happened to be in Miami a little less than a year ago at this time, you couldn't turn to a radio station without hearing this song. The weather is supposed to be universally good throughout all the land, so spending your time outside may be a good idea. That's all for this week, the first in what hopes to be a long, prosperous relationship between us and you, the intelligent, wonderful and probably pretty reader. Look for us Monday, back with more witty banter, interesting videos, "you should really follow these" links, and everything else one could want when surfing the interwebs. Be good, now. We expect to see you bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to comment and ready to be entertained. Love you, miss you.

Dwayne Wade and LeBron James do not have a promised seat on the 2012 Olympic squad. Really? (Yahoo)

More bad news for media: Nobody's watching the nightly news. (New York Times)

Mindy Kaling is the funniest lady in Hollywood you've never paid attention to. Even when she recites her five lines a week on "The Office." (Twitter)

Rick Reilly doesn't like Bob Huggins. But understands why you do. Oh. And some of us had West Virginia making it to this weekend. Not sayin, but just sayin. (ESPN)

A Shel Silverstein tribute album? Awesomeness. Featuring Kris Kristofferson, Andrew Bird and My Morning Jacket? Awesomer than awesomeness. (Fuse)

A "Dead Wrestler of the Week" feature may compete for best feature ever on a blog. (Deadspin)

Because "The Last Song" didn't make the "Double Feature" cut: Miley Cyrus is going techno. (MTV)

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is going to go to 96 teams. We knew this months ago. John Feinstein is not happy about this. (Feinstein On The Brink)

Gabourey Sidibe is going to host "Saturday Night Live" later this month. You know, the girl from "Precious." Mindless prediction: She wins even more hearts during those skits than she did with the movie. Even better: MGMT is the music. (New York Daily News)

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