Monday, June 7, 2010

The hangover and the food that comes with it

Had a party this weekend. All the cool kids were there, and I'm fairly certain it was agreed upon by everyone that it was pretty much the best night of their lives. Party wise, at least. Hey, when you can rock that LCD Soundsystem record until five in the morning, while earlier in the night your record player sprinkled in some Tom Petty, Huey Lewis and Ray Charles, you know your party was better than just about everyone else's.

The problem, though, with having such a gathering, is that I'm noticing how awful I feel the day after a night filled with drinking. This is an occurrence that only recently became commonplace, and needs to be fixed soon. Maybe its the wine, liquor and beer. Should probably stick to only one of the above, right? But a couple bottles of wine just don't do the trick by themselves, and shots always need to be taken in order to proclaim toasts. And you can't have a party and not toast to something. Goodness. The intricacies of properly consuming alcohol.

Anyways, laying on the couch with a throbbing headache warranted the following thought: What's a good food to consume the day after a night filled with friends and booze? What exactly goes well with a hangover that makes you feel as though you will never move from your bed (aside from the requisite Tylenol, Advil and occasional Gatorade, of course)?

That headache now gone, I thought I'd throw a few thoughts out there to see if any stuck. Considering everyone typically has their own remedies for such situations, it may be nice to leave a comment or two, offering your own advice because mine clearly isn't full-proof, not even for me. That said, though, here are a couple examples of food I take solace in while feeling as though an 18-wheel truck is spinning through my brain.

Hamburgers and French FriesYeah, that sounds risky, I know. But I made an art out of waking up dizzy and still finding my way to McDonalds throughout my time in college. It's essential. The grease. The carbs. The complete awfulness of knowing you are eating processed food that was probably dropped on the floor three times before it hit the wrapper you see it in. Hey, if nothing else, eating such materials has been known to induce the act of vomiting. And remember what they always say about a way to make you feel better...

This one is sort of odd, but the more I find myself in this predicament, the more I crave a slice of pizza by 5 'o clock. Now this can be tricky simply because of the varying pizzas that happen to be offered. Pizza Hut? Only if it's a personal pan because you sometimes roll the dice with how they may cook it. Dominoes? That can get a bit too cheesy. Same with Papa John's. A local joint? That's probably the best bet, though you know the local spots tend to be more inconsistent than any mainstream chain. That's OK, though, if you happen to love the smell of the pizza place. Because let's be honest. Stepping into a local pizzeria can instantly make anyone feel better based on smell alone. The big guys? They smell like garbage and dead cats. Not good for a hangover.

Only here because of my love for tea. It's hot, though. That helps.

People always seem to suggest toast and bread in these situations. Why? Before you know it, you have eaten eight slices of bread, put on six more pounds and you seem to wonder why you are still hungry. Still, bread is the perfect gateway food. It can lead you to finally gain an appetite for something more substantial - something that may just help. Besides, it's bread. Who doesn't have a loaf of bread just chilling out, always ready to help your hunger needs?

Chinese Food
Because it makes you sleepy, silly.

And of course...

Actual Breakfast Food
You are lying if you say you've never once woken up after a late night and went out to get pancakes, eggs and bacon. Me? I hate breakfast food. I'll go with you, but I'll opt for a burger. But just because I've never sat well with such foods doesn't mean we can ignore the fact that everyone seems to love the stuff. Goodness, the obsession you people have with syrup and butter. Always have to try and keep it local, but if you happen to be near a Perkins or Eat 'N Park, at least you'll be able to look at those attractive pies while you wait for your meal. And if you can't go to any of those, word is these things seem to generate some serious excitement within you breakfast food-eating-people bunch...


  1. oh my gosh fast food and Chinese food for sure. Always make me feel better, in some aspect at least. Hangover days are always better if you get some takeout and then take a nap and a healthy dose of ibuprofen

  2. I know people will be jealous...but I don't get hangovers!!! There I said it...No matter how much I drink I wake up early and wake up smiling. I don't know why...perhaps I just metabolize alcohol really really well. need more love for breakfast food!!! Especially breakfast that includes any form!!!

  3. OK. Let's tackle this in chronological order. Fast food and Chinese food is fab. I always wait on getting to the Chinese food until later in the day, though. Seems to always help. Secondly, it's impossible that you don't get hungover. I call shenanigans. And no. Boo breakfast food.

  4. Next time we ever drink together go ahead and feed me as much beer as you can...and I bet I'll be up at 7:30am wanting to make breakfast, singing about!!! This no hangover thing can't last though it will catch up with me someday and I'll hate every minute of it.

  5. Yeah, feed her beer!

    P.S. -- I wanna hear her singing about.

  6. Whoa. Things just got a little crazy.

  7. I look forward to the crazy.
    As the great Seal once lyriced (yeah, not a word) "But we're never gonna survive, unless...we get a little CRAZY."

  8. One time someone told me that Seal's scars on his face were from getting shot with a shotgun! I believe them...and the laughed at me.