Wednesday, June 23, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Lady Gaga falls, a newspaper with no ads and America advances (party this weekend!)

Yes, I know I've been guilty of using quite of a bit of hyperbole in my day. And yes, sometimes (meaning, well, all the time) I get caught up in moments and make grand statements that people dismiss easily. But the above goal is probably my favorite sports moment of all time, right next to Michael Jordan's series-clinching shot over the Utah Jazz. Sat through 90 minutes of a match, and just like millions of other Americans, went from being the completely down-and-out guy who thought we were going to be gone from the tournament, to having my roommate hold me up for nearly a minute after I jumped into his arms, yelling "Oh My God" over and over again. Must go home this weekend for the first time in a long time, so those who know where my mother lives: Round-of-16 party, my mom's, 2:30, be there or never speak with me again. Wow. Still can't get over that. So, anyways, how did you like the bird discussion? Wanted to switch it up a bit. I think a few birds read it themselves, and when I went to do the same thing today, I found a bird perched on my front porch, staring me in the eyes, waiting to chill out. Weird. It's Wednesday, and man, it's hot. As you get over the hump for the week, take some time out to click a few links, be good to your neighbors, and get as drunk as a rat tonight as you celebrate the United States winning its group in the World Cup.

Have to lead with this: U.S. 1. Algeria 0. Bill Clinton is happy. (The Original Winger)

Lady Gaga falls. This is only news because this is an anti-Gaga zone. (TMZ)

This shall be interesting to see how it plays out: Eliot Spitzer is going to host a show on CNN. Here’s hoping the topic of sex appears somewhere. (New York Times)

A non-profit Web-based news agency released its first print edition. What makes it different? There are no advertisements within any of its pages. (The Bay Citizen)

Been waiting a few weeks for this. James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem frontman, sits down with former Ride topic, Terry Gross, on “Fresh Air.” (NPR)

Didn’t catch wind of this story until last night, but after hearing it, this only worsens my mood toward Chris Paul. Five ways the point guard leaves New Orleans. (Bleacher Report)

Interested in this, only because Rolling Stone essentialy broke the story, causing the fall out. McChrystal is now gone. Petraeus takes over top commander position. Who knew a music magazine could cause such a stir amongst the politicals? (Los Angeles Times)

Katy Perry got a ton of stitches in her leg after partying. When is it going to become cool again for a woman entertainer to simply act normal, dress normal, hold herself with grace and do nothing more than be good at what she does? (USA Today)


  1. Wow. You wanted to marry Chris Paul a year or two ago.

  2. Once he started bitching about playing time and the team he played for, I turned in a hurry. He's like 14 years old. He has no reason to be talking like that.