Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes, I love Harry Potter. Yes, I'm a grown up.

Nerd alert for you all: I am a Harry Potter fan. Yeah, I said it – a Harry Potter fan. But not like a Harry Potter book fan, because those people are the real nerds, right? (kidding!) Regardless, I’ll stick with the movies; they haven’t failed me yet.

Anyways, you can only imagine my excitement when I heard the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” trailer was finally out. My wife and I saw “The Half Blood Prince” the day it came out (half because we’re fans, half because we just wanted to see a movie and it happened to be playing that evening), and ever since then I’ve been looking forward to the final installments (the last book is two movies, if you didn't know).

Let me get deep on the HP story for a minute here.

The themes of this series have been interpreted and reinterpreted dozens of times – at its core the tale is one of life and death, good versus evil. But then we see the way Hermione is treated by the “elite” students and it becomes a commentary on prejudice and a faulty class system. We see the way Lord Voldemort thirsts for power and immortality and it becomes an observation on tyranny and totalitarianism. The possibilities go on and on and on. At some point you have to think when all is said and done, this series will have made many people – young and old – more well-rounded individuals.

Deep part over… did I mention that my wife and I dressed up as Harry Potter characters last Halloween? Before you judge me, keep in mind that we were on a tight costume budget and visited the costume store on, like, Oct. 29.

One thing I love is the fact that the movies have gotten increasingly darker as the series progresses. Harry, once an innocent, at times annoying little kid, has become a troubled, at times brooding young man who is learning his place in the world as well as the power he has to shape it. At times he’s the confident prodigy that he’s grown into, while other times he exhibits the naivety and trepidation of a fawn (baby deer, duh).

And in that respect, Daniel Radcliffe is seriously underrated… I’m not saying he should win an Oscar necessarily, but would a Golden Globe nomination at some point be out of the question? According to IMDB.com, the guy has had 20 nominations for various awards, five of which were for Saturn Awards by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA – woohoo. I think Danny deserves better for the complex character most of us have come to love and fear on some level. And no, I’m not talking about an MTV Moon Man for Best Kiss.

If any fellow semi-nerds (what the heck, even full on nerds) are still reading this, do me a favor and humor me. I can’t be the only 28-year-old Potter fan. Here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure (2:32 I think). Let's dicuss afterward if you like - no spoilers though!

Oh, and just for those of you want a little chuckle, check out the video below. It's a song called "HP is HC" (hardcore) by a band called International Superheroes of Hardcore, which is made up of members of the band New Found Glory. I don't think there's any real foul language, but it is a screamy hardcore song. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to come get your Ride Home links at 4 p.m. Until then – Expecto Patronum! Look it up on Wikipedia. ☺


  1. OMG I JUST spent the last few hours writing my latest post about my love for Harry Potter! Glad to see other grownups appreciate it too! The Deathly Hallows looks epic...I'm pumped!

  2. Ya, you gotta get up pretty early to beat us (me) to the punch on Harry potter, hahaha. Kidding! You have to get up at like 10.

    But doesn't it look sweet? Harry Potter IS hardcore. :)

  3. I do love that HP. I think you forgot to tell them what people were calling me at halloween. It wasn't Hermione. Much worse. And my boss thinks we have this weird connection through harry potter because we both accidently showed up to the same movie at the same time. He brings it up a lot. Probably too much. Like we're in a secret club together now. Ohh, the things we will do for HP.