Monday, June 14, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Deaths at Bonnaroo and the CMA Fest, Tom Izzo needs to stop talking and the Tonys are good

We begin week 12 with Jennifer Carpenter because I came across without a doubt, the best episode of "Dexter" I've seen in my short history with the show. Kind of ruined her when I found out she's married to him in real life while she plays his sister on the show. Can't get over how fabulous that episode was last night, though. Goodness, gracious. You want to know what else was fabulous? Drawing with England Saturday afternoon. We stole one there, friends. Let no one fool you. That said, if we don't make it out of group play now, I may never watch soccer again. Anyways, welcome to the middle of June, or, as some may call it, the last week before the first week of summer. Does it feel like summer yet? Just wondering. I can't really decide on that particular question yet, myself. We need more sun. It seems like it's been raining just a tad bit too much. Ahh well. I suppose you can't complain too much as long as the snow isn't approaching astronomical heights. And I like the warm. It makes things sexier. Speaking of sexy, the links below are mighty sexy. You ought to check one of them out before jumping in on our HBO debate that is clearly set to tear the world apart. Don't forget to be nice, now.

Camp kid asks Tom Izzo if he’s going to coach the Cleveland Cavilers. Izzo turns kid down. Question: Why did LeBron not comment on Mike Brown and Danny Ferry being fired, yet he now wants the world to know he’d be happy with Izzo coaching the team? (ESPN)

Somebody died at Bonnaroo. Somebody also died at the CMA festival. Bad weekend for music lovers. (The Tennessean)

An interesting take on when the mass media localizes its sports coverage. Hello, How do you do? (National Sports Journalism Center)

University of Chicago students give life to a magazine known for its nudity. Silly college kids. (Chicago Tribune)

A vote for the Grammys learning a thing or two about how to run an awards ceremony…from the Tonys. Still would like to see “Memphis.” (New York Daily News)

What? You didn't think we’d link something pertaining to the U.S. soccer game? It did a 6.1 rating. Not bad, though it would have been nice had the number been just a little higher. Who’s in for Friday morning? (USA Today)

Conan O’Brien ends his tour tonight in Atlanta. Naturally, he stopped by TBS today to make some news. (TMZ)

Jack Kevorkian has no regrets about anything he’s ever done. Why is this reporter so scared? (CNN)

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  1. They should make a movie about that Kevorkian guy and put it on HBO...