Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...For The Ride Home: A suspect character list, more NPR than one could ever desire and The Big Lead is sold for a whole bunch of money

Ran into Terry Gross over the weekend. An avid "Fresh Air" listener, it was the thrill of a lifetime. Honestly. Thus, the photo. Got out and hit it for the first time this summer yesterday with the other half of this blog (what was that about a Tweet reminding you to check back for The Ride again?). Parred the third hole after what will be the best shot I'll have all summer - a seven iron from about 180 out rolling right past the pin. Hit driver well, but there were issues with my putting. It's early, still. Those are the kinds of days that buy you another three rounds of golf in which you completely stink up the joint and contemplate selling your clubs on Ebay. I digress. It's Wednesday, and it seems like the week is almost over. That's a good thing, though, right? June is in its fullest effect and we plan to party like it's 1996 this weekend (though in 1996, I wasn't really old enough to party). Who's down? Good. Before we get too carried away with upcoming weekend activities, we offer the following links for you, the wonderful reader, to ponder as the first half of your work week comes to an end. Be nice to others, now.

A list of the 100 greatest characters. Two problems: One, how does a cast member of “Glee” get so high on the list after only one season. Two, no Ari Gold? Honestly? (Entertainment Weekly)

Yep. The free agent summit that those NBA players were going to have isn’t happening. (CNBC)

Super, super interesting – The Big Lead sells for seven figures. It was the first blog I ever got into, and it’s a humongous influence on this particular site. Once exchanged e-mails/gmail chats with Jason regarding an interview for another site I write for and he couldn’t have been nicer. Seven figures has to be a blogger’s dream come true. (New York Times)

Well, well, well. NPR guy says all cars will have Internet radio sooner than later. And Morning Edition beats out All Things Considered for most listened to show on the station. Where’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me? (Barron’s)

Nope. Not everyone is a good writer. (Los Angeles Times)

Newsweek is not going to sell for much. So, we are getting a group together to buy this thing, right? (The Wrap)

Drake is going to visit Lil Wayne in prison. That’s all. (Twitter)

Late to this, but still find it odd: Al and Tipper Gore are getting a divorce. Can’t anybody stay together anymore? Damn. (People)

Conan O’Brien’s tour stops in New York. Showdown with Stephen Colbert ensues. (New York Daily News)

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