Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Al Gore was messin' around with Larry David's ex, Brandon Flowers' solo album and books

"Nobody ever had a dream 'round here, but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me." We give you The Killers and an actual full-band live version of "Sam's Town" on this Tuesday. The day began awful, as I put my streak of 10 on the line with Portugal over Ivory Coast. Because of the draw, I now have no shot at $100,000. I was going to buy you all Swedish Fish, too. I now sit, cramming in as much work as I can on a day off. That's a bit of an oxymoron, isn't it? Oh, well. Game six of the NBA Finals is on tonight, and the goal is to be done with what I want to be done with by then. Here's hoping. Before I move on to all of that, though, I present you fabulous friends with the following links. Try saying that three times fast. Eat healthy, enjoy the summer air and please always try to stay away from mean people. They are the worst. Be good, now.

If you like to read, read this. Now. Has the Internet killed professional book reviews? (Popmatters)

As if you didn’t get enough of The Killers up top. An interview with Brandon Flowers regarding his upcoming solo album. Bonus: You can listen to his first single, too. (Spin)

Glenn Beck is mad at the Washington Post. Goodness, he’s annoying. (Yahoo)

Bloggers are whores. Or so says this lady. (Splice Today)

Oh boy. Miami’s Dade county is changing its name to Wade for the week. This whole NBA free agency class thing is getting out of hand. (Sports By Brooks)

Sexual pictures featuring….Betty White. (Dime Wars)

Seven reasons to root for a Game Seven tonight in Los Angeles. Really hope Boston clinches tonight. (Fox Sports)

Oh, none of us wanted to see this. The story behind Al Gore’s divorce involves him cheating on Tipper with Larry David’s ex-wife. (New York Daily News)

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