Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Love Ms. Williams' response to her recent unfortunate incident, a Temptation dies and food critic pays with food stamps

Can't get this song out of my head. There was a time in my life that "Odyssey No. 5" from Powderfinger was easily one of the three best records I had ever heard in the history of forever. Still might be, actually. If not, you can't go lower than 10. Front to back, it is one of the rare "complete" albums ever made, if you know what I mean. Can't imagine there's anyone out there who knows who these guys are, or gives any type of a poop about them, but if there is, let's run away and get married right now. Bumped into one of their crew members not too long ago in a bar (yes, he was Australian, which proved he wasn't lying, duh), and it made my month/decade. Unfortunately, he had nothing but horror stories about the guys in the band, and called the lead singer a name not fit to print on such a blog as this. Numerous times, actually. Still can't ruin that record, though. Never. Anyways, we are back! That was said with excitement, which was why an exclamation point was used. Week 10 and we are still kicking. Got way too sunburned over the weekend and even suffered from a bit of poisoning, I have now concluded. More on that tomorrow, though. June is here, so that means summer must be right around the corner (that is, if you don't already feel summer-y). We sincerely hope that each one of you had a fantastic holiday weekend, and we also sincerely hope that you find yourself back here, ready and eager to click on some neat links. Because if you happen to not be, well, then you probably aren't reading this particular post, and that's heartbreaking. Be good, and remember: This holiday means tomorrow is the official middle of the week. How quick that went.

See, this is funny. Have to root for Ms. Paramore now. Have to. (Twitter)

Which do you think Sidney Crosby would rather have? The opportunity to still be playing this season (Stanley Cup finals), or signing on to become the richest man on ice since Scott Hamilton? Either way, he’s about to experience one of those things, and we bet you can guess which one it is. (The Hockey News)

A look at the life of an unemployed restaurant critic. Ironic: He is now forced to use food stamps. (Seattle Times)

When you’re old and decrepit like us, the occasional story about a college newspaper makes you remember being young and interesting. University fires adviser. Staff keeps him aboard. Great stuff. (Sun Sentinel)

Ali-Ole Woodson, a member of the Temptations, died Sunday. Sure, he wasn’t an original member, but hey, they Temptations are the Temptations. (Contact Music)

Avril Lavigne’s boyfriend saved her life, consequently making things less complicated. In related news. Sum 41 will be appearing on the Pacific Sun/Hot Topic stage three miles from the Warped Tour parking lot closest to you. (ShowbizSpy)

Celebrity Rehab can’t find enough celebrities to go to rehab. Honestly? That’s like going to an Arena Football League game and not being able to find enough players to sit the bench in the NFL. Work harder, VH1. (TMZ)

Dennis Hopper died. And now it gets ugly. (San Jose Mercury News)

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