Monday, June 21, 2010

...For The Ride Home: World Cup official is gone, the official video for Ron Artest's new single and The National

Found time to watch this over the weekend, as if this didn't give it away. Wasn't so sure about Mo'Nique winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, but when the last 15 minutes of the movie comes around, she pretty much seals it up. My heart is still with Anna Kendrick, though. The movie was...good. I had heard it wasn't as good as expected, so going in with low expectations helped. Any movie with Lenny Kravitz has to be gold, though, right? Anyways, hello, hello. We begin week number lucky 13 with some links and, more importantly, the first day of summer. We kicked off our final Signs of Summer post today when I suggested a few records to spin throughout the coming months. It will officially conclude tomorrow when my better half mans the helm for his picks. Remember, any and all suggestions for additions to the list are welcome. Before you take a look back at that, though, use a few minutes out of the day to check out a couple links. Summer is officially here, so you wouldn't want to not start the season out correctly, right?

The NBA draft is in a few days and it’s becoming more and more interesting to see what happens to Evan Turner. Here are scenarios regarding what the 76ers would do with AI, should they draft Turner. (The Big Lead)

A look at the people behind, a site for those who haven’t give in to the A.D.D.-type reading world. Or, um, readers who enjoy long stories. (New York Observer)

Numbers are down for people who visit portal Web sites. Like, way down. (The Wrap)

Because I know these guys seem to be everybody’s darlings: A long, introspective interview with the drummer from The National. (Popmatters)

Hey, hey, hey. That referee that completely screwed the United States out of a goal was not asked to ref any more games this World Cup. Now, if we just win Wednesday, justice will be served. (Yahoo)

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are engaged to get married. She’s pretty. (People)

Idol reporters continue to work through the off-season. According to Slezak, the minimum age to get in the contest will now be 15. Seems a bit young, don’t you think? (Entertainment Weekly)

Remember that crazy victory speech Ron Artest gave last week? Here’s the video for that first single he was talking about. (All Hip-Hop)

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