Friday, June 4, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Popmatters to pay their writers (yes!), Jay-Z probably feels pretty good about himself and another star out of the World Cup

From the best album released so far this year, we offer LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" to send you off into the first weekend of June as week 10 comes to an end. Can't think of a better song to start the weekend off correctly. Two things. First, I watched the latest installment of the "Saw" series last night on DVD. I've now seen all six. This last one? Wonderful! Notice the symbol after the "l" and what it's supposed to mean. May be talking crazy here, but it's the best since the very first one, which was the Saw of all Saws. Don't even like horror films, but must stay true to the "Saw" series. Word is this year's will be the last. Sad. Secondly, I plan to run a race tomorrow. A 5K race, to be exact. It's going to be odd, though, because everyone who said they will be around, won't be around. Wasn't really prepared to go at this alone. So different from last year for so many reasons. Say a prayer for me, my sagging shorts and big-headphoned stature. It promises to be interesting. Now, before you go off into what should be a warm weekend in June, take some time to click on these links, go grab a couple bottles of wine and settle in for some almost summer fun. Don't get hurt, and yes, love you, miss you.

“Empire State Of Mind” is going to replace “New York, New York” at the Belmont Stakes this weekend. Welcome to the 21st century, horse racing. (MTV)

Haven’t had much on the oil spill, but this is interesting: The Huffington Post cuts ties with BP consultant. This whole mess is really bad, isn’t it? (Politico)

Whoa. Big news for me. Popmatters is going try and start to pay its writers. Happy day! (Business Insider)

The ongoing battle continues between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. According the Times’ CEO, circulation numbers are holding their own against the WSJ’s attack. (Bloomberg)

Sheryl Crow adopts a kid. She looks good for nearly 50. Does anyone know if she’s had any work done? (New York Daily News)

This is sad. Gary Coleman’s funeral is cancelled because of his ex-wife and parents arguing. Why does death always do this type of stuff to people? (MSBNC)

The Grand Ole Opry won’t be open again until the fall. Bummer. Plan to visit Nashville in July. (Pollstar)

I love Jason Bateman. (TMZ)

Oh goodness. Didier Drogba is out of the World Cup. That’s what a Sports Illustrated piece will do to you, I guess. (Deadspin)

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