Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Rush really likes the new DVD, Megan Fox is engaged and a new show from ESPN?

Watched this last night. Yes, it's foreign, so if you don't like foreign movies, or, well, if you don't like to read, skip the following few sentences. Penelope Cruz is now officially in the "If you are in this movie, I will watch it" category for me, and I can't think of many other actresses like that. She's just wonderful. Didn't know this going in, but from what I understand, this movie is celebrated for the fact that she trounces around naked for a little while at some point. Message to perverts: Don't ruin her! She beholds the type of beauty that even when you see her naked, you feel as though she's too fragile to mess with. Just let her elegance speak for itself. Pretty good movie. Couple that with "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona," and she now officially has my trust when it comes to movies. Yes, I've heard "Nine" is bad, but... So it's Wednesday. How are you doing? That's good, assuming you said you were doing well, of course. Seems to be humid where we are, so we hope you find a way to stay cool if you happen to be suffering through the same sticky weather (weather, which, I'd like to add, I enjoy). We sincerely hope you click on a few links below - though if you'd like to read a thing or two about running, or vacations beforehand, you wouldn't hear any argument from us. Be good, and remember, if you stay in the sun too long, you'll burn.

Search through if you’d like, but it’s there. Dan LeBatard, Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon and Bill Simmons are all a part of a new project. Nobody knows what it’s about, or where it will be, or in what form, but this has to pique interest in at least a few of you. (Miami Herald)

Rush is excited about its upcoming DVD. This is just an excuse to link a story about Rush. (Rolling Stone)

NBC News pretty much cleaned house in this year’s Edward R. Murrow awards. If only that counted for late-night television. (RTDNA)

Fight! Dana Milbank rips former college newspaper editor in column. The problem? His editor is running for a seat in the Senate. When rich people spat, it’s fun. (Washington Post)

Eminem recruited the Shamwow dude to help him promote his upcoming album, an album that some people say could be his best lyrically. This particular link comes fully equipped with a video, too. (All Hip-Hop)

And now Tiger Woods is the father of more children. Have fun this weekend, Earl. (New York Daily News)

Megan Fox is engaged. Never bought in to how attractive most men think she is. (Access Hollywood)

Cameron Diaz is not dating A-Rod. Really? And she likes touching. Unlike the jail officers in “Arrested Development.” (People)

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  1. Anything with Dan LeBatard is guaranteed to be good.